People who eat more rice have a higher probability of diabetes? Three wrong ways to eat make blood sugar rise faster and faster

In recent years, there are many rumors that eating rice is easy to lead to diabetes. Many people mistakenly believe that eating rice is the main cause of diabetes, but in fact, diet is only one factor. The occurrence of diabetes is related to genetics, lifestyle and physical fitness.

the saying that eating white rice often leads to diabetes is not accurate. As we all know, people in the south like to eat rice, while people in the North like to eat noodles. According to the above theory, the probability of northern people suffering from diabetes should be lower than that of southerners, but in fact, the number of northerners suffering from diabetes is significantly higher than that of southerners.

therefore, no matter it is white rice or white flour, this kind of refined grain has low nutritional value and high carbohydrate content, so eating a large amount of it will be harmful to blood sugar. But if the staple food changes some eating methods, the ability to raise blood sugar will be significantly reduced.

for example, often eating coarse grains can greatly slow down the rising speed of blood sugar. Moreover, the dietary fiber in coarse grains is richer, which can increase the feeling of satiety, reduce the consumption of dinner, and have a good control effect on blood sugar.

people who like to eat rice should not be discouraged. Rice is not impossible to eat, but the following three wrong ways are likely to lead to abnormal blood sugar. It is suggested to reduce consumption:

people with poor stomach like to drink porridge because it is easy to digest and has a small burden on the stomach and intestines. But people with high blood sugar drink porridge, will be adverse to the disease. Because porridge is easy to digest, the speed of raising blood sugar will also be accelerated.

the sugar rising index of rice is 83.2. After a long time of cooking, the sugar rising index has soared to 102, which is faster than glucose. Therefore, diabetic patients should try not to drink rice porridge, and healthy middle-aged and elderly people should also control the consumption of rice porridge. Even if you do congee, do not cook too long, the more soft porridge on blood sugar more adverse.

white rice has a fast digestion speed and a strong ability to raise blood sugar. If you only eat white rice, it has a great impact on blood sugar. It is recommended to choose coarse grain rice or white rice with some potato and beans.

for example, the amount of two bowls of rice can be reduced to one bowl of rice, and then sweet potato, corn, yam, purple potato, lotus root, etc. can be used as staple food.

potato, like sweet potato and yam, belongs to starch food and should be eaten as a staple food rather than a vegetable. If you choose to eat rice with shredded potatoes, equivalent to excessive intake of carbohydrates, adverse to blood sugar. HEALTHY LIFE