People who often eat eggs in the morning should know these five points as soon as possible. It’s the body that suffers from improper things

The nutritional value of eggs is incomparable to any food. The amino acid ratio of protein is particularly suitable for human physiological needs, and it is easy to be absorbed by the body. The utilization rate can be as high as 98%. Egg contains lecithin and vitellin, which is beneficial to the development of nervous system and body, and can also protect the liver, delay aging, prevent arteriosclerosis and reduce the risk of cancer. Generally people eat eggs in the morning, but we must master the right way to eat, so as to absorb the nutrition of eggs. The wrong way of eating is not only unable to keep healthy, but also harmful to health.

I don’t know when people began to favor soft boiled eggs, that is, half cooked eggs. They think that the nutritional value is the highest. In fact, this is a wrong idea. First of all, not cooked eggs are not hygienic, which contains bacteria have not been completely killed, once into the body, will cause diarrhea, abdominal pain or digestive system diseases. In addition, there are some anti biotin proteins in soft boiled eggs, which affect the body’s absorption of biotin, which makes people feel powerless, have no appetite, and even cause skin inflammation. So when you eat eggs, you must cook them thoroughly.

the main nutrients of eggs are concentrated in yolk, such as minerals and vitamins. Egg yolk also contains a lot of lecithin and choline, fat is unsaturated fatty acids, good for health. No matter which cooking method is adopted, the nutritional composition of egg yolk will not change greatly and its nutritional value can be retained. But some people refuse because there is too much cholesterol in egg yolk. In fact, the cholesterol in food is totally different from that in the body, and it will not affect the level of cholesterol in serum, so don’t worry too much.

it is said on the Internet that eggs and soybean milk are complementary foods. There are certain substances in soybean milk that affect the digestion and absorption of protein by the body. However, as long as the soybean milk is fully boiled, it will destroy the substance and relieve the threat to protein. Therefore, it is not necessary to worry too much.

some people like to eat fried eggs. They are really delicious and can absorb nutrients, but there are some disadvantages. When frying eggs, too much oil and seasoning will be placed. If the eggs are not fried well, they may become scorched, resulting in low calorie eggs turning into high oil, high salt and carcinogenic substances, affecting the body’s digestion and absorption. There are also fried eggs will make the body produce glycosylated protein, this protein can consume collagen, accelerate the aging speed.

anti inflammatory drugs can remove inflammation in the body, but do not eat eggs during the period, especially inflammation of the digestive system. Because eggs contain a large number of high-quality protein, will affect the efficacy, increase the burden of the gastrointestinal tract, leading to physical discomfort.

there are many ways to eat eggs. From the perspective of nutrient absorption and digestibility, boiled eggs are the best cooking method, and eggs must be thoroughly cooked. Eat eggs when you need to chew slowly, or it will affect digestion and absorption. For children, egg soup and steamed eggs are the best choice, which can make the protein loose. Eggs are high protein food, can not eat too much at a time, so as not to make the body produce too many metabolites, increase the burden on the kidney. It is worth reminding that people during hepatitis, high fever and diarrhea should not eat eggs.