People who often use their hands to “dig their nostrils” will bear four kinds of results sooner or later. Remind: don’t ask for trouble

But often digging the nostrils will bring a lot of harm to the body, and sooner or later, the body has to bear the “trouble”, I hope everyone can take care of themselves. < / P > < p > if you often pick your nose with your hand, it will affect your personal image, especially in public. If you develop a habit, you will pick your nose involuntarily. < / P > < p > according to the relevant survey, people who often dig their nostrils will become bigger and bigger, which is more likely to affect your appearance. Therefore, the problem of nasal itching should not be too much, the use of cotton swab can be selected to gently eliminate the foreign body in the nasal cavity. < / P > < p > the nose is a very fragile organ, especially the nasal mucosa inside the nose is very fragile. If it is often contacted, it may lead to damage and bleeding of nasal mucosa, and even breed a large number of bacteria and viruses. < / P > < p > in daily life, often dig the nostril by hand, which may damage the nasal mucosa and affect the capillary under the nasal mucosa, resulting in capillary rupture and massive nosebleed, which is more likely to cause physical diseases. < / P > < p > when some people dig their nostrils, they will pull out their nose hair together, which will affect the development of hair follicles and damage the nasal mucosa in the nasal cavity. < / P > < p > the value of nasal hair is very high, which can help filter harmful substances in the air and protect the health of respiratory tract. If the nasal hair is damaged, a large number of bacteria and viruses will be inhaled, which will not only affect the nasal mucosa, but also affect the respiratory health, and even directly affect the lung function. < / P > < p > because the nasal vein and intracranial vein are connected, there is no barrier in the middle, the tile skin pore carelessly leads to nasal mucosa damage and bleeding, bacteria take the opportunity to enter will cause infection. < / P > < p > bacteria can easily enter the furnace through vein, causing intracranial infection, which is also fatal injury. This button of navel is the same, it will cause internal infection of the body, and even induce sepsis! < / P > < p > if you frequently dig your nostrils with your hands, you are more likely to cause bacterial infection. If you don’t want to have an infection in the nasal cavity, you must get rid of this habit and don’t ask for trouble. First, you must wear a mask when you go out. Now we are in a special period. We all have the habit of wearing masks. In fact, wearing masks can avoid the invasion of harmful bacteria, keep the nasal cavity clean, reduce the residue of harmful substances, and also reduce the irritation to nasal mucosa. So when we go out, we must do a good job in the nasal part of the protective measures, can reduce infection, but also can avoid the problem of nasal itching. < / P > < p > Second, clean the nasal cavity. You can wash your nose with water every day when you wash your face. You can also discharge harmful substances in your nose, such as nasal excrement. It is more helpful to reduce the irritation of harmful substances on nasal mucosa and avoid nasal itching. In cleaning the nasal cavity must be gentle, not too violent, in order to prevent nasal mucosa damage, causing hair follicle infection. Third, quit smoking. Long term smoking harmful substances will enter the body, affect health, and when the cigarette burning smoke rising will also stimulate the nasal cavity, not only will cause damage to the nasal mucosa, but also will cause the rapid growth of nasal hair, which is more likely to cause nasal itching. Therefore, quitting smoking can reduce the irritation to the nasal cavity, and also help to avoid nasal itching and relieve embarrassing problems. Luanban