People who smoke for a long time, eat less than 5 kinds of food, control the mouth, the harm to lung health is reduced to the lowest

In real life, many people smoke. According to the survey, the number of smokers in China is about 350 million, which can be said to be the country with the largest number of smokers in the world. Among them, smoking is the majority of men, and 60% of men over 15 years old smoke.

and we also know that smoking is harmful to health. When a cigarette is burned, it will produce a large number of harmful substances, including dozens of carcinogens.

according to statistics, there are nearly 5 million people dying of smoking related diseases in the world every year, including 1.2 million in China, which is almost one fifth of the death toll of smoking related diseases in the world. According to the World Health Organization, about 100 million young people will die prematurely due to smoking.

smoking is very harmful to our health, especially to our lungs. Smoking is an important cause of lung cancer. If you want to reduce the harm of smoking to the body, especially to the lung, it is better to smoke less until you quit smoking.

in addition, we also need to pay attention to our diet. If we eat wrong, it may increase the damage to our lungs, which is not conducive to lung health.

in real life, there are many people who like to eat chili, and prefer spicy food. If there is no chili, then they will feel that eating is not delicious. Although chili is nutritious and rich in vitamin E, it also has the function of dispersing cold, warming stomach and promoting blood circulation. However, chili is spicy food after all. Eating too much will have adverse effects on health, especially easy to cause body fire.

after a fire, it is easy to bring pressure on our lungs, and we will feel dry respiratory tract and cough easily. Therefore, it is suggested that people who often smoke or whose lungs are not very good should pay attention to spicy food.

our lungs don’t like hot and dry, whether it’s weather or food. If the weather is dry and hot, then the lung will be uncomfortable. If the food is hot and dry, it will hurt lung yin, and then it is easy to have phlegm.

we should have the feeling that after eating warm food, the throat is prone to produce phlegm, and then we feel that breathing is not very smooth and uncomfortable. This is actually caused by dry heat in the body.

the common dry and hot foods include mutton, beef, chocolate, melon seeds, etc., so we should pay attention to control the intake amount in peacetime. Especially now the weather is still relatively hot, if the fire, then it is more uncomfortable, is not conducive to lung health.

these foods are really refreshing to eat in hot weather, and can also relieve the heat. However, if you eat too much, it is easy to hurt the body. It is not only easy for cold to invade the body, but also too cold food will make the pharyngeal mucosa suddenly suffer from cold stimulation, which will weaken the resistance of the pharyngeal mucosa, so that the virus adhering to the respiratory tract mucosa can take advantage of the deficiency, resulting in acute pharyngitis and even the lung There was a partial infection.

However, a large amount of salt should be added to pickled food in the process of preparation, which may produce smoke and nitrate. Some foods may also add some anti-corruption drama, which may produce active nitrogen and nitryl groups. These are not good for health, but also easy to affect lung gas exchange function, cause lung damage, and induce chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

therefore, people who smoke for a long time or have bad lungs should eat less salted food and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Only in this way can they be beneficial to their health and lung health.

many people smoke and drink at the same time. And we should also know that regular drinking is not good for health, it will increase the burden of the liver, drinking will hurt the liver and stomach, drunk words may also cause damage to the brain and nerve cells, these are worthy of vigilance.

and some studies have found that drinking can cause harm to our respiratory tract and increase the possibility of suffering from pulmonary infection. Relevant statistical data show that the prevalence of tuberculosis in people who often drink alcohol is 9 times higher than that in people who don’t drink alcohol. 08/16/2020