People with long eyebrows live longer than people with short eyebrows? Really? Doctor: listen to the professional advice

It is not difficult to find that in many mythical films and TV works, the immortal who represents longevity must have a long beard and eyebrows, with a smile on his face. In traditional Chinese cognition, if someone has thick earlobes, it means that he is very lucky; if someone has long eyebrows, it means that he will live a long life.

do people with short eyebrows necessarily live longer than those with long eyebrows? In fact, this is just a good wish for longevity. But we do find this characteristic in many old people. What’s the matter?

long eyebrows don’t mean long life, according to doctors. Careful young people may observe that their eyebrows and eyelashes sometimes fall off well. Don’t worry, it’s not that you’re losing your hair, it’s your normal metabolism. Just as computers need to update their systems, our bodies will automatically “update” when we are young, not that we will not grow any longer if we lose them.

and the old people’s body functions have declined in all aspects, and the metabolic rate is gradually not as fast as when they were young. Eyebrows no longer “bring forth the new”, had to be long. In addition, we will notice that the eyebrows of grandfathers are generally longer, but the eyebrows of grandmothers are rarely longer.

in fact, the body doesn’t work normally as before, and the secretion of androgen is unstable, resulting in one or more long hairs on the eyebrows. Therefore, this is also a common phenomenon among the elderly, which does not necessarily mean that they will live a long life.

there are many reasons for longevity. The first is genetic factors, which we cannot change and envy. If a person’s family has a large number of long-lived elderly people, it means that the family’s genes are long-lived, and the possibility of their own longevity is greater than that of ordinary people. The second is good living habits. Such as do not smoke, do not drink, go to bed early, love sports, etc.

Moreover, in terms of food matching, if you eat junk food indiscriminately, it is impossible to live a long life, because those foods have certain carcinogenicity, so diet is very important. Finally, a good attitude. According to the doctor, the long-lived old people are generally very open-minded, do not worry about small things, do not put unnecessary things in mind.

those who like to drink can gradually reduce their own amount of drinking; those who like to smoke, for the sake of their own and their family’s health, can quit. If you don’t feel like you have nothing to do without drinking or smoking, go out for a walk. Don’t watch with your mobile phone at home all day. Young people’s bodies can’t stand this kind of toss, let alone older people? Finding a park with fresh air and doing some less strenuous exercises, such as Taijiquan and jogging, is also good for enhancing cardiopulmonary function.

in terms of diet, we should pay attention to avoid big meat, greasy and high salt food, and eat more nutritious and light food. At the same time to maintain a good attitude, do not get angry for some small things, anger will let our body produce a certain amount of toxins, so try to avoid. In addition, to develop the habit of going to bed early and getting up early, you can bubble your feet before going to bed in autumn and winter, and add some white vinegar, which can not only kill bacteria, but also help sleep. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!