People with spleen deficiency often fart a lot. They should do three things well and leave without saying goodbye

In real life, some people feel that they fart a lot, and they may fart dozens or hundreds of times a day. Many people don’t care about this problem and think that farting is a normal physiological phenomenon.

in fact, it’s a normal physiological phenomenon to fart occasionally, but it’s an abnormal phenomenon to find that more and more people fart themselves. If it’s not for eating too much flatulent food, it’s probably due to the weakness of the spleen and stomach.

Why does spleen deficiency fart more? Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach is responsible for the human body’s nutrient transport organs, food in the spleen and stomach can not be digested normally, will produce a variety of bacteria, affect the normal transport of the spleen and stomach, the bacterial residue produced by these foods will produce a lot of gas, this is the formation of fart.

spleen deficiency will aggravate the moisture in the body. When the moisture accumulation becomes more, it will affect the water and moisture transport in the spleen and stomach, resulting in the tongue coating becoming fat, white and greasy. In serious cases, there will be tooth marks. When you get up and wash every day, you can observe your own tongue coating, which is easy to observe.

spleen deficiency can reduce the body’s immunity, which is why some people feel cold hands and feet no matter in spring, summer, autumn or winter. Especially when they sleep in winter, their feet are cold, which leads to the situation that they can’t sleep for a long time. This is because spleen deficiency can slow down the blood circulation of human body, and the blood of hands and feet is blocked, so they will feel cold hands and feet for a long time.

deficiency of the spleen and stomach leads to imbalance of water and humidity transportation, which will affect human defecation. The stool will become loose, sticky, and has no fixed shape, and it is difficult to wash when flushing the toilet.

when I get up in the morning, I feel heavy, weak hands and feet. I feel that I can’t lift myself all day, and I feel that my legs and arms are sore and I feel uncomfortable.

1. Often staying up late to work overtime: staying up late will affect the normal operation of the spleen and stomach. If the spleen can not get rest, it will become weak. According to traditional Chinese medicine, many people have insomnia, which is also related to spleen deficiency.

2. Irregular diet: people with spleen deficiency mostly like food with heavy taste, especially spicy, greasy or cool food. This kind of food does great harm to the spleen and stomach, which will increase the burden on the spleen and stomach and cause spleen deficiency.

3. Living in a humid environment: living in a humid environment for a long time will aggravate the cold degree of the spleen and stomach, thus affecting the health of the spleen and stomach. People who have the habit of barefoot walking are also more likely to have spleen deficiency, because barefoot walking will aggravate the wet cold in the body, leading to the imbalance of water and moisture transportation in the spleen and stomach, and gradually the spleen and stomach will become much weaker.

4. Less exercise: many people don’t go to exercise for a long time due to their busy work. In addition, they like to blow cold air conditioning, so it’s easy for their spleen and stomach to have problems.

according to the records in the book, there is such a classic prescription: take coix seed, red bean, red bean, Euryale ferox seed, tartary buckwheat, barley, licorice, orange peel, gardenia and other food materials, boil it into soup tea, and take it daily, which has a good promoting effect on strengthening the spleen and removing dampness.

although there are many materials in this prescription, they complement each other and play a complementary role. In particular, coix seed, adzuki bean and Euryale ferox seed play a major role in invigorating the spleen and removing dampness. It is better to use other ingredients to regulate the spleen and stomach.

spleen deficiency can make people sleepy, especially in autumn. The feeling of lack of autumn is more obvious, so it is important to ensure adequate sleep time, 8 hours of sleep a day.

exercise is beneficial and harmless to the body. It can promote metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, and promote the body to expel moisture. The spleen and stomach will become more and more healthy. The sports that are conducive to strengthening the spleen include jogging, walking, dancing, yoga, etc. 08/17/2020