People’s Daily Comments: bringing aesthetic education into the whole process of talent cultivation

Beauty is an important source of pure morality and rich spirit. Recently, the central government office and the State Council issued a proposal to take improving students’ aesthetic and humanistic quality as the goal, and integrate aesthetic education into the whole process of talent cultivation in schools at all levels, and run through all stages of school education. This important document clarifies why, what and how to do school aesthetic education in the new era, strengthens the educational function of school aesthetic education, and has important demonstration and driving significance to guide the whole society to attach importance to the value of aesthetic education and create a social atmosphere to jointly promote the development of school aesthetic education.

since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi as the core has attached great importance to school aesthetic education, placed it in a more prominent position, made a series of major decisions and arrangements, and promoted the great leap forward development of school aesthetic education. But generally speaking, aesthetic education is still a link that needs to be strengthened in the whole education cause. In the reform and development of school aesthetic education, there are three maladjustments: the school aesthetic education does not meet the requirements of quality education; it does not adapt to the requirements of promoting educational modernization; it does not adapt to the overall realization of a well-off society and the two centenary goals. Therefore, it is necessary to find out the breakthrough and foothold, and strive to put forward further reform measures on the basis of the existing work in curriculum teaching, teaching staff, condition improvement, evaluation mechanism and so on.

in this regard, we have established three principles in school aesthetic education: “adhere to the correct direction” — guide students to establish a correct view of history, nationality, country and culture, cultivate noble sentiment, shape a good mind, and enhance cultural confidence. “Insist on facing all” — improve the school aesthetic education mechanism facing everyone, narrow the gap between urban and rural areas and between schools, so that all students in school can enjoy the opportunity to accept aesthetic education. “Adhere to reform and innovation” — comprehensively deepen the comprehensive reform of school aesthetic education, and form a new pattern of school aesthetic education full of vitality, multi-party cooperation, open and efficient.

how to teach aesthetic education? First of all, we should recognize the goal of aesthetic education. It is a serious misunderstanding to equate aesthetic education with skill education and to think that aesthetic education may increase students’ burden. Aesthetic education is not only aesthetic education, sentiment education, spiritual education, but also enriching imagination and cultivating innovative consciousness. For the majority of students, under the guidance of professional aesthetic education teachers, participating in chorus, group dance, textbook drama and other art practice activities can not only enrich the experience, but also broaden their horizons; walking into museums, science and technology museums, nature and other wonderful world can not only stimulate individual awe of history, culture and life, but also further pursue the value and realm of life. Aesthetic education focuses on improving students’ ability to feel, express, appreciate and create beauty. Strengthening aesthetic education should be integrated with moral education, intellectual education, physical education and labor education.

to strengthen the infiltration and integration of aesthetic education, the construction of aesthetic education curriculum is the key point. Grasping the key element and link of curriculum, this paper puts forward the implementation idea from four aspects: subject integration, stage connection, goal integration and teaching material connection. Meanwhile, around the aesthetic education teaching in schools, it puts forward five specific reform measures: opening up all-round aesthetic education courses, constructing a teaching mode centered on students’ development, popularizing aesthetic education practice activities for everyone, and promoting aesthetic education practice To promote the innovation and development of art discipline in Colleges and universities. It is not a day’s work to educate people with aesthetics, but it needs to be down-to-earth and long-term. At present, the aesthetic education has been transformed from a series of online and offline aesthetic education to a series of off-line aesthetic education, from a single school to an off-line one. However, it should also be noted that to strengthen the weak links of aesthetic education, schools and all sectors of society should work together to provide practical support for Comprehensively Strengthening and improving school aesthetic education in the new era.

aesthetic education is not “useless”, but has real “great use”. Physicist Qian Xuesen is good at painting and calligraphy. Chen Congzhou, a landscape architect and ancient architect, loves literature. Yuan Longping, an agricultural scientist, likes violin. They create beauty while enjoying beauty. They have won awards in their respective fields with outstanding comprehensive quality. The new era and new journey call for all-round development of the pillars of talent, call for new people who can undertake the great task of national rejuvenation. When the seeds of aesthetic education are sown into every young soul, beautiful flowers of youth will bloom in China. Focus