“Perinatal period” is a watershed of pregnancy, pregnant mothers pay attention to five things, the process of baby birth is more smooth

But what many expectant mothers do not know is that in addition to these three stages of pregnancy, there is also a critical period – “perinatal period”, which has an important impact on pregnant women, fetuses and newborns.

the mother to be didn’t understand the doctor’s line during the birth examination. When she got the examination results, the doctor said to her that the first few months were relatively smooth, and then you would be successful if you passed the perinatal period smoothly, and continue to adhere to good habits.

perinatal period refers to the time from 28 weeks of pregnancy to one week after birth. The safety of the fetus, the newborn, and the critical stage of life.

for example, the current perinatal period starts at 28 weeks, which proves that if the fetus is born at this time, doctors can be able to let the fetus survive and ensure the safety of the maternal.

the reason why we add the time of delivery and the first week after delivery is that at this time, the maternal is prone to bleeding after delivery and other dangerous situations.

newborns may also have accidents, so this is a complete observation period. Only after the perinatal period can the maternal and child be considered completely out of danger.

as well as fetal position, fetal size, delivery conditions, etc., are all things that expectant mothers should be concerned about, so the perinatal labor examination will ensure the safety of the maternal delivery.

mothers to be should not control their diet for the sake of their figure. After 28 weeks, their stomachs are getting bigger and bigger, which may make them look fat.

some beauty loving mothers want to be thinner and not want to eat too much, but this is the stage when mothers to be and fetuses need nutrition. Pregnant women to ensure adequate nutrition intake to ensure the health of two people, but pay attention not to overeat.

during the whole perinatal period, the mother to be can’t be without the company of others. When she goes out, she can help her in case of an accident. Once she gives birth in advance, she can also accompany her to the hospital immediately.

we should pay attention not to use the superstitious ways in the past, such as leggings, chest squeezing, sleeping flat head, etc., which will cause harm to the newborn.

after entering the perinatal period, it is like a “watershed” during pregnancy, during which the status of the mother to be and the development of the fetus will be widened.

it seems to be a stable “late pregnancy”, but pregnant women and their families can’t relax their vigilance. Only by doing the above things can they get through the “perinatal period” smoothly and safely. HEALTHY LIFE