Pets also have three high and four ways to lose weight

The round hairy children make many owners feel very cute, but cause the burden of pet health. In August, the American Pet Food Association conducted a clinical survey on pet obesity among 68 veterinarians in Taiwan. It was found that more than 70% of the out-patient cats in Taiwan were obese. Veterinarians also warned that obesity is not just a problem in cats with low exercise load, but dog owners should not be taken lightly.

according to Yang Jingyu, consultant veterinarian of the American Pet Food Association, overweight pets are prone to high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia, among which hypertension and hyperglycemia are the most common, leading to the occurrence of fatty liver and diabetes mellitus with metabolic syndrome. It is found that obese cats are four times more likely to develop diabetes than normal cats; hypertension is also likely to cause heart, lung and kidney problems in pets.

Yang Jingyu said that the main causes of pet obesity can be classified as improper pet diet, unclear pet owners’ daily calorie intake, insufficient exercise and sterilization.

among them, improper diet has the most influence, including wrong concept of feed selection, selection of feed not suitable for pet age group, excessive feeding without calorie concept, and providing too many snacks.

he reminded the owners to establish a correct cognition of pet obesity and maintain the pet’s weight appropriately, which is responsible for the health of hairy children. Starting from the four directions of observation, diet, record and exercise, they can help their pets lose weight unconsciously and say goodbye to obesity.