Photorejuvenation can solve those skin problems

It’s really important to manage your skin well. It’s often said that liking a person begins with beauty, falls into talent, and is loyal to character. This is a famous saying. When we meet a person, if the other person’s appearance, clothes, speech and behavior are very appropriate, then the first impression will be deeply engraved in our memory, and vice versa. < / P > < p > People’s height, appearance and skin color are largely determined by genetic factors, but there are still many aspects that can be changed through postnatal efforts, such as fat and thin, hair style and temperament, skin state, speech and behavior, etc. Fat and thin mainly rely on exercise and diet, hair by Tony teacher, behavior is learning, vision, self-cultivation to decide, and many skin problems can be improved by photorejuvenation. < / P > < p > pulsed strong light is not a laser, but a kind of wide spectrum visible light. We have studied physics and know that sunlight is divided into three parts: ultraviolet + Visible + infrared. < / P > < p > all the light we can see with the naked eye belongs to the visible part, and the wavelength range is 400-700 nm. We can’t see the ultraviolet and infrared light at both ends. < / P > < p > and the pulsed light is to select part of the sunlight, remove the ultraviolet, purple and blue light, and retain part of the green light, yellow light and later orange light, red light and infrared light to improve the skin. < / P > < p > firstly, ultraviolet, violet and blue light have certain damage to the skin; secondly, it takes into account the absorption of different light by various colored groups in the skin; thirdly, it takes into account the different penetration depth of different light to the skin. < / P > < p > as can be seen from the above figure, from the green light of 550nm, the near-infrared light of 550nm can reach the line, and even reach the subcutaneous tissue below the dermis. < / P > < p > IPL is one of the most widely used phototherapy technologies in clinic, which plays a very important role in the field of skin beauty. It is widely used in the treatment of various skin diseases, especially the skin diseases related to light damage and photoaging. IPL play beauty effect, is based on the following two working principles. < / P > < p > the theoretical basis of IPL in the treatment of skin diseases is the principle of selective photothermal action. Because IPL is a broad spectrum, it can cover multiple absorption peaks of various pigment groups, such as melanin, oxidized hemoglobin, water and so on. In the treatment of vascular skin diseases, hemoglobin is the main color base. IPL light energy is preferentially and selectively absorbed by oxygenated hemoglobin in blood vessels. The high heat generated after absorption will make hemoglobin rupture, which will lead to the closure of blood vessels rupture and improve the effect of red blood. < / P > < p > the same is true in the treatment of pigmented skin diseases. Melanin selectively absorbs the spectrum of IPL to generate high heat, which can lead to the decomposition of melanin particles, the destruction of melanocytes, and finally the fragmentation of melanosomes, which can ultimately improve the effect of pigmentation. < / P > < p > in short, the darker the color is, the more light is absorbed, the more heat is generated. Melanin in the skin absorbs more heat, so it is easy to decompose and play a whitening effect. < / P > < p > after entering the dermis, intense pulsed light can make chemical changes in the internal molecular structure of collagen and elastic fibers in the dermis, promote the arrangement of collagen tissue in the dermis to be more fine, and the collagen layer can be continuously repaired and supplemented, so as to restore the elasticity of the skin and enhance the vascular function, so as to improve the skin relaxation, superficial wrinkles, coarse pores and other skin conditions. < / P > < p > in theory, IPL can improve many skin problems, such as rose acne, pigmentation, superficial wrinkles, coarse pores, melasma, freckles, sunburn, red blood, spider nevus, pregnancy marks, facial rejuvenation, etc. < / P > < p > pulsed intense light is like a general practitioner, which can treat many skin problems and effectively improve the skin condition. The biggest advantage of IPL is “safe and noninvasive”. As a technology of noninvasive skin project, IPL does not belong to invasive treatment, so the possibility of infection is very low. < / P > < p > ① avoid the sun, sunbathing, hot spring and other activities within one month before treatment; do not do laser, skin grinding, fruit acid skin change and beauty projects one week before treatment. < / P > < p > ⑥ after treatment, the skin will be slightly red and slightly burning, and it will gradually fade after a few hours of cold compress. If you still feel uncomfortable, consult your doctor. If there is a history of light sensitivity, skin lesions or immune system abnormalities, and people taking special drugs, they must consult a doctor before treatment. < / P > < p > chief physician, engaged in clinical, scientific research and teaching work for nearly 40 years, has rich experience in the treatment of auricle deformity, saddle nose, short nose and other nose plastic surgery, facial rejuvenation, facial lifting, wrinkle removal, face thinning, freckle removal, beauty and rejuvenation, various laser treatments, hyaluronic acid filling, various micro plastic surgery, surface tumor resection, scar improvement and head and neck surgery Objective to summarize the clinical experience of our hospital. < / P > < p > chief physician, professor. He is a member of ophthalmic plastic Committee of cosmetology and plastic surgery branch of Chinese Medical Association, and a member of ophthalmic plastic surgery committee of cross strait branch of China integration society. Engaged in professional clinical work for 30 years, studied in plastic surgery of Shanghai No.9 hospital, studied under Professor Yang Jun, President of ophthalmic plastic surgery branch of China Medical Doctor Association, devoted to clinical and scientific research of comprehensive ophthalmic plastic surgery, good at all kinds of double eyelid surgery, pouch repair, ptosis correction, eye rejuvenation surgery, and has rich experience in repairing all kinds of failed ophthalmic plastic surgery. In the face of comprehensive plastic surgery, line carving, hyaluronic acid, fat filling, wrinkle, all kinds of scar repair and other aspects have a very advanced attainments. < / P > < p > chief physician, Professor, master of Ophthalmology, medical cosmetic surgery expert. He is a member of the eye tumor Committee of the ophthalmology Professional Committee of the Chinese Association of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, a member of the Chinese cosmetology branch of the Chinese society of traditional Chinese medicine, a deputy head of the ophthalmology group of the ophthalmology plastic surgery of the Shandong Ophthalmology Society, and a member of the eye tumor Committee of the ophthalmologists branch of the Chinese Medical Association. He has been engaged in ophthalmology for more than 20 years, and has specialized research on ophthalmic cosmetic micro plastic surgery. So far, there are tens of thousands of successful experience of eye plastic surgery. < / P > < p > associate chief physician, associate professor, doctor of Ophthalmology. Young member of Ophthalmology branch of Chinese society of traditional Chinese medicine, member of lacrimal organ disease Committee of Chinese Medical Association. He has rich clinical experience in various common and difficult ophthalmic diseases, especially in eyelid, lacrimal organ, ophthalmic tumor, exophthalmos, eye rehabilitation and cosmetic surgery, and has published more than 10 papers in national core journals. PARRENT&CHILDREN