Pick the “fault” of Korean water emulsion! These three brands are easy to use and have serious hidden problems

As the most basic skin care water emulsion, it is a necessary product for girls. If the first procedure is not selected correctly, it will affect the follow-up skin care, so the choice of water emulsion is particularly important. In recent years, the reputation of Korean water emulsion has declined sharply. More and more people begin to focus on Japanese and European and American brands. Today, let’s pick out the problems of Korean water emulsion!

the famous lady’s milk, which was once popular for a time, is now much colder. In fact, there are many after whoo series, because the weather Dan has a wide range of effects, it is widely boasted that it is suitable for people. Its emulsion texture is white and relatively thin, so when applied to the face, the skin absorbs quickly, and the strength of moisture is worse.

it uses a good skin feel, but the effect is very good, because it advertised is able to play a good role in yellow and anti-aging, but in fact, even if persisted for a long time, it will find that in addition to moisturizing is not very significant. This effect can be achieved by other water emulsion, but the price of this water emulsion is relatively high, so the cost performance is not suitable. As a functional water emulsion, the price is still relatively expensive, so it is recommended that girls choose carefully!

snow show is also a very famous Korean water emulsion. However, buddies are advised to use moisturizing cream alone if they want to try. The effect of water emulsion is not large. It’s not easy to absorb, and it’s a little sticky. The moisture is not very strong. It’s only suitable for spring and autumn.

is worth mentioning that its face cream has no other refreshing feeling after the use of the cream. After skin absorption, it will feel that the skin is particularly prone to oil. If you keep pouring oil out, your face will become shiny.

the texture of the water is not bad. It can be absorbed quickly on the face, and the skin feeling is good. However, because this water emulsion is added with the ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine, it will smell a strong smell of Chinese herbal medicine when it is used. For girls who are sensitive to the smell or don’t like the taste of Chinese herbal medicine, this feeling is really bad.

feel very uncomfortable in the process of using, and its design is also very unreasonable. Because the lid on it is relatively small, nor is it the pressure pump design, the weight of the glass bottle is not too light, the emulsion is extremely difficult to come out, and the use experience is also not good.

this breathing suit is also a water milk product with fire. Many girls choose this product. But in fact, if you carefully compare the ingredients of water emulsion, you will find that it is greasy. Because it contains a lot of chemical components, such as denatured ethanol, the emulsion also contains 14 flavors and spices, think of it is terrible.

although it smells good when used, when you think of so many spices in it, you can think of how much stimulation it has on your face, especially for girls whose skin is sensitive and easy to be stimulated.

refreshing is good. It’s very friendly to oil skin. It should be used with caution for sensitive muscles. In addition to the effect of water, there is no other. It is just passable to add moisturizer. Summer skin is very love for his skin, but the effect is a bit unsatisfactory.

although the wind of Korean water emulsion is relatively strong, its ingredients and application effect are not up to the level that its price should be. Generally speaking, its cost performance is not high. Of course, there are more than three kinds of Korean skin care products, and there are still some niche products. Focus