Plastic bags have harmed our body. Master these methods to make up for the damaged body

Introduction: printed and distributed in Yunnan Province, non degradable plastic bags, disposable plastic tableware, disposable plastic articles for hotels and hotels, express plastic packaging, and plastic packaging for e-commerce channels are listed as prohibited and restricted plastic products. It is found that the original plastic bags are so harmful to human body.

issuing this directive will solve many health and health problems, but it will also bring a lot of trouble. After all, plastic bags have been used all over the world, which is very simple and easy to use. However, plastic pollution also brings great trouble to the global environment. And plastic limit is the general trend, many places have already controlled the use of plastic bags, not only that, but also many places have reduced the use of plastic, so this Yunnan special has historical significance and reference significance.

there is a substance in plastic called benzopyrene, which has a strong carcinogenicity. When we use plastic bags, the plastic bags containing this substance will slowly enter the food, or the things in the plastic bags. When our human body eats these foods, it is easy to cause cancer in human cells.

there is a kind of plasticizer in the plastic bag, which will also damage the body. Generally, this substance does not come out of the plastic bag, but when it is heated, it will slowly precipitate out, which will enter the human body. When the liver expels poison, it will affect the liver and flow into the blood vessels, which will cause great harm to the human body.

plastic bags are inevitable in life. They are simple and convenient to use. Most of the time, we can’t do without them. Since we can’t do without them, we can try to change them. At this time, we can use degradable plastics, which will not only not pollute the environment, but also reduce the harm to people.

in order to reduce the use of plastic bags, many places have thought of many ways, such as charging for plastic bags, distributing cloth bags, etc., to find something that can replace plastic bags and reuse them, so as to reduce the use of plastic bags.

the harm of plastic bags has already damaged the body. At this time, we should think about how to recover. At this time, we might as well consider the traditional Chinese medicine. Such a small method of food therapy recorded in, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle and burdock are taken together to protect the liver. At the same time, this is also recommended by the old Chinese medicine. The principle of medicine and food homology is as follows:

Chinese medicine has recorded it hundreds of years ago In this paper, the importance of blood vessels to the human body, and recorded in such a small method of food therapy, using dandelion, Kudingcha, honeysuckle, jasmine, Siraitia grosvenorii, licorice and other ingredients together to make a maintenance blood vessel tea. The principle of medicine and food homology is as follows:

many people are busy with their work and may forget to protect their bodies. At this time, they need to remind one through some small things Next, and the best choice is a tea bag, only a few minutes a day, easy maintenance of the body.

conclusion: plastic bags do great harm to human body and also cause great environmental pollution. At this time, we need the support of all over the country to reduce the use of plastic bags. At the same time, we should choose appropriate products to replace plastic bags, so that the world will no longer have to worry about the harm caused by plastic bags. Pregnant dream “Golden Dragon” is about to “give birth to a boy”? You think too much, the function of fetal dream is not here