“Pneumonia of unknown origin” in Kazakhstan?

From unknown pneumonia to novel coronavirus pneumonia, this year’s epidemic will surely make you feel the terrible reason of “unknown reason”, and let everyone realize that everyone is a susceptible person in front of respiratory infectious diseases. At present, the epidemic situation in China tends to be stable, but the epidemic situation abroad can not be ignored.

just recently, neighboring countries reported cases of pneumonia of unknown causes, which made our nerves tense again.

don’t spit anywhere! Don’t spit everywhere! Don’t spit everywhere! Take tuberculosis as an example. There are a large number of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in sputum of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis. The bacteria have strong survival ability in the outside world. Once they dry, they attach to the dust and form droplet nuclei, which can be suspended in the air and spread through the air.

when coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with tissue or bend your elbows. If you don’t wash your hands when covering with bare hands, there is a risk of virus transmission. Wash hands frequently, reduce hand infection virus invasion eye conjunctiva, nasal mucosa. During the outbreak, keep social distance in public places.

the pathogens in the space can be reduced by convection ventilation through opening windows. If the conditions are not met, mechanical exhaust equipment can be configured to achieve air exchange. If there is no condition, air purifier, UV lamp / UV lamp can be installed to reduce pathogens in the space.

under the above basic preventive measures, select appropriate personal protective equipment to prevent respiratory diseases. Non civil masks include: medical surgical masks, general medical masks and medical protective masks.

people with fever, stuffy nose, runny nose, cough and other symptoms must wear masks; relevant employees must wear masks according to the professional norms and relevant regulations; personnel entering crowded places must wear masks; elderly and frail people, patients with low immunity and chronic diseases should wear masks voluntarily when going out; it is recommended that individuals carry masks with them in confined spaces It is recommended to wear masks in crowded areas and when close contact with others is needed.

treatment is one of the effective means to prevent diseases, such as pulmonary tuberculosis. If the cough and expectoration are more than 2 weeks and the effect of conventional treatment is poor, tuberculosis should be screened. Untreated patients with infectious tuberculosis may infect 10-15 people a year.

vaccination is a good measure to form an immune barrier, but before the vaccine is available, the general public should wash their hands frequently, ventilate more, and keep fit. HEALTHY LIFE