Postpartum 42 days review, can not go? Novice mother early understanding, less wrong way

After a woman gives birth to a child, the general doctor will tell “remember to review 42 days after delivery”. However, there are many Baoma for various reasons, postpartum did not go to the hospital, but their health seems to be nothing abnormal. So, other treasure mother see, also began to doubt postpartum 42 days review is necessary. < / P > < p > my cousin gave birth to a baby last month and just got out of confinement a few days ago. After the confinement, my cousin wanted to go to the hospital with her family for a 42 day postpartum review. As a result, her aunt told her, “don’t go to the hospital. Postpartum 42 day examination, should be similar to the prenatal examination, not necessarily can check out what problems, but is a picture of peace of mind. At the beginning, when I had a baby, the doctor told me to go to the hospital for review, but I was too lazy to go, so I didn’t go. But you see, my body is no different now… “After listening to my sister-in-law’s words, my cousin’s idea of going to the hospital wavered. Can I not go for a reexamination 42 days after delivery? < / P > < p > postpartum 42 days review, you can not ignore the treasure mother, it is not equal to the general sense of the examination. As we all know, Baoma’s body hormones and organs changed during her pregnancy. Baoma who had a caesarean section also had an operation, so her body was in a damaged state. Although her body recovered relatively, the recovery of various organs and hidden diseases still need to be evaluated by professional doctors. < / P > < p > generally speaking, after a woman has a baby, it takes about six weeks for her body organs to recover. Therefore, the doctor will recommend a woman 42 days postpartum check. However, it doesn’t have to be the 42nd day after delivery. It’s ideal for women to do it in 6-8 weeks after delivery. If Baoma doesn’t want to go out after confinement, it’s OK to rest at home for two days before going to the hospital. < / P > < p > 42 days postpartum examination, inspection items are very many. The maternal self-examination, including uterine examination, breast examination, pelvic floor muscle examination, blood pressure and blood glucose measurement, cesarean section or natural birth wound and so on. Maybe the doctor will give advice during lactation, such as contraception, emotional control or other psychological counseling, according to Bao Ma’s physical condition. Baoma can cooperate with the doctor. < / P > < p > the 42 day postpartum examination in some hospitals, not only for new mothers, but also for newly born children, aims to detect the growth and development of children. However, the child’s examination is relatively simple, mainly including height, weight, head circumference and so on. < / P > < p > ① if Baoma is far away from the hospital and inconvenient to come and go to the hospital, considering the unstable physical condition after delivery, you can make an appointment by phone or online first to avoid waiting for a long time in the hospital. < / P > < p > ② when Baoma goes to the hospital for examination, she and her child’s medical records, main identity documents, etc. should be prepared in advance, so as not to forget to take them, so as not to delay the examination. < / P > < p > ③ if Baoma takes her child to the hospital for examination, it’s better to choose a time when she and her child are in good physical and emotional condition, so as not to cooperate with the doctor. Focus