Postpartum lochia to go through three stages, observation and nursing points, Baoma should be clear

“Unloading” is a matter of expectation and panic for mothers. After a lot of preparation, they finally ushered in a small life. However, the process of delivery and the subsequent conditioning are also a big problem. < / P > < p > in addition to body changes, the continuous discharge of postpartum lochia is one of the major problems. If it is not properly handled, it will be very inconvenient, moreover, it is directly related to the recovery degree of the uterus. According to the instructions: the discharge of lochia postpartum can be divided into three stages, including blood, human tissue cells and many bacteria. If it is not discharged in time, it will be harmful to health. The main body of lochia is still blood, but it is not fresh blood in the body, but the remaining blood and residual fluid of some body tissues after delivery. < / P > < p > it is mainly composed of residual blood and body tissues. There are also some cell mucous membranes that have not fallen off during production. They are generally discharged about 4 or 5 days after delivery, and are affected by blood and body tissues, showing bright red color. < p > < p > about 6-14 days after delivery, the bright red lochia will gradually evolve into a muddy and sticky appearance, composed of blood and vaginal secretions, with a high number of bacteria. However, modern living conditions are very good, air-conditioning water heaters are complete, should keep the body clean, especially private parts. < / P > < p > the sanitary pad should be of high quality and water absorption. The skin of puerpera after delivery is more sensitive than usual, and the wound is also susceptible to bacterial infection. Non 100% cotton is easy to cause allergy and affect recovery. < / P > < p > but also pay attention to more bed rest, not too excited mood, keep a happy mood, depression is not conducive to the body. The family should cooperate more, don’t let the puerpera have the mental pressure, in order to have a child, she pays a lot. In general, the impact of childbirth on the body is inevitable, so we should pay more attention to nursing when we are weak. If you don’t keep your body fresh and clean, your health will be threatened by low immunity, which is not worth the loss. PARRENT&CHILDREN