Postpartum want to be comfortable to sit in a good month, the following several “artifact” is indispensable, the last as everyone envies

Confinement is a process that a woman must go through after giving birth to a child. Generally, after 42 days of rest and recuperation, the body can slowly recover its vitality. Otherwise, the disease may accompany her whole life.

fortunately, the pregnant sister saw Youbao’s mother in the backstage comment area two days ago. The situation of each family is different, and the situation of every mother after giving birth to a child is not the same:

Baoma A: “our family condition is ordinary, how can I have so much time to recuperate, and I have to go back to work soon after giving birth to the child, otherwise how can I afford it How much is the milk powder

“they all said that they would have to sit for 42 days before they could give birth. Some people even sat for two months, and I took a rest for about a month. Of course, my body recovered badly. Now I can’t stand the waist pain after sitting for a long time at work.”

Bao Ma B: “I sat down for 42 days, but no one at home helped me with my hands. I had to do everything by myself, which made my back ache and my knees ache when it rained. Alas!”

Baoma C: “I don’t have either of the two situations you mentioned, but I haven’t had a baby sickness yet. I often have headaches, but I also blame myself for not falling in love with myself. I’m greedy for coldness during the birth period. I can’t blame others.”

Baoma D: “I’m quite lucky. My mother-in-law and mother-in-law take good care of me, and the children also help me with them. But this month is really boring. I can only lie down and play with my mobile phone every day, but my eyesight drops a little faster.”

sure enough, every woman has to go through confinement after giving birth to a child. However, the situation of each baby mother is different. Some of them pay more attention and are careful, and their health recovers well. After the birth, nothing happens.

after giving birth to a baby, the puerpera’s vital energy is greatly injured, and the deficiency of Qi and blood is serious. If the mother is attacked by cold, it is easy to leave the disease of the moon. Many precious mothers often have headache and low back pain, and when it comes to overcast and rainy weather, they will have joint pain, which is caused by the cold in the period of childbirth.

therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the period of childbirth. Although it is not necessary to cover the baby specially, it is not allowed to eat cold drinks and touch cold water. Warm water should be used for washing and gargling. The air conditioning should be controlled at about 26 ℃ in summer, and do not blow it to your head.

if there is a mother or mother-in-law to wait on the baby, of course. If there is no one to take care of, let her husband help with the housework and take care of the children. Baoma should not overwork during the period of childbirth.

the most important thing in confinement is to have a rest, take good care of your body, and slowly recover your vitality. If you often work hard, you will easily suffer from lumbar muscle strain, leaving back pain and backache.

affected by hormone changes after giving birth to a baby, the pregnant women become more vulnerable and sensitive, and their emotions fluctuate greatly. They are easy to be depressed and sad, and have a lot of negative emotions.

if you often feel sad and sad for a little thing, or even have more tears, it is easy to have postpartum depression. Therefore, treasure mothers should pay attention to adjust their mood, think more about happy things, and keep a positive attitude.

when someone helps to take care of her baby and her mother, she is bound to feel bored for more than 40 days. She can’t go out and run around. Lying at home and playing with her mobile phone every day is their only pastime.

in fact, women’s eyes tend to become dry and tired due to hormone changes after pregnancy. This situation still exists after childbirth. Playing with mobile phones often will lead to vision loss and blurred vision.

just like giving birth to a child, confinement is an important thing that a woman must experience in her life. Therefore, it is better to take good care of her body and promote her recovery in accordance with scientific methods.

although many of the mothers make complaints about their confinement in Tucao, they are afraid of leaving behind a child’s disease. But as long as they are ready for the following three kinds of artifact, they can easily pass the month of childbirth, especially the last one. Some words are really lucky. Everyone envied:

has a big task: breastfeeding, so preparing a nursing garment is very necessary. More than a few easy to change and wash, try to choose good air permeability, pure cotton breast-feeding clothing, opening more convenient, can save a lot of things.

it is also easy for Baoma to have low back pain by keeping a posture for a long time during the period of pregnancy. Therefore, it is also important to have a comfortable and soft waist protecting artifact. It can reduce the pressure on the lumbar support during breast-feeding, which will be a little easier.

in addition, a breast-feeding pillow can be placed under the arm to relieve the arm pain caused by holding the baby. It can also reduce the risk of tenosynovitis, and is more conducive to maternal recovery.

these two things can’t be bought with money, and they are also the most enviable. The root cause of many Baoma’s birth sickness is the lack of care for the child, everything must be done by oneself, and the root cause of overwork.

if there is a considerate husband and a careful mother-in-law in the family, plus the care of other relatives, you will naturally be able to have a comfortable month, and your recovery will be better.

it is said that confinement is the second time for women to rejuvenate. Baoma can’t underestimate these taboos. Once violated, it’s still your own who suffers. If you have the above three devices, Congratulations, you probably won’t be targeted by the disease.