Practice abdominal muscle everyday, can you have abdominal muscle? How many of these eight rumors have you believed?

Now the network information is so developed, many people will receive a variety of information every day, and the network information is also mixed, a little bit of attention will let you will fallacy as the truth, and in the fitness there are many wrong ideas may take you biased.

especially for beginners, the important basis for deciding whether the fitness path is smooth lies in whether they can have the correct fitness concept and good discrimination ability. Today’s editor starts from the aspect of training and carefully selects eight lies about fitness for everyone.

this view can only be said to be a very beautiful illusion. If this is true, the world should be very beautiful. The myth of this myth lies in reversing the facts and confusing the relationship between fat loss and abdominal muscles. No matter how big your abdominal muscles are, your body fat rate is not low enough. You will still be surrounded by fat and can’t be highlighted. Therefore, if you want to practice six abdominal muscles, you must start to lose weight by reducing fat. In fact, it’s just a beautiful lie.

for many novices, hearing this conclusion may have lost most of their determination to keep fit. In fact, there is no significant correlation between fat reduction and exercise time. After all, the important thing to reduce fat is to control diet and create a caloric gap, so as to achieve the real effect of burning fat. When you have the determination to keep fit, the body will be in the training of burning fat from the first second of fitness. Compared with the exercise time, the intensity of exercise is also a key factor, which largely determines the length of training time.

fitness is a scientific cause. Even if you try very hard to make yourself ache all over, it may only be explained as a wrong action or over training. After learning the correct fitness posture and actively stretching after training, you can relieve more than 80% of the pain. Therefore, it is not necessary to pursue the pain of fitness. Even if there is no pain, as long as the training level is in place The same effect, scientific fitness is the most reasonable.

this misunderstanding also misleads many people. In fact, muscle is muscle and fat is fat, and the two tissues do not interfere with each other in the body. And muscles don’t transform, but when you stop exercising, your calorie expenditure decreases, but if you continue to eat the same or increase, it’s natural for you to be obese and your muscles will become more relaxed.

fitness is very scientific, and it also pays attention to training methods. It may be even more difficult for female students to train huge muscle blocks. In fact, all of the Vajra Barbies we see on social networks are all acquired through years of training. They can’t be refined in a day or two. Therefore, even if women make great efforts, they don’t have to worry about becoming a diamond Barbie and actively roll iron, which will only make your lines more and more obvious.

aerobic or anaerobic, which is determined by the energy supply of human body, depends on the intensity and duration of exercise, so the length of time is not a reliable indicator. Generally speaking, the longer the time, the closer to aerobic.

there is no need to say much about this topic. Running will not thicken the legs. After all, people who don’t believe in it can study the legs of marathon athletes carefully. Some people may feel their legs swell after running. In fact, this is caused by local congestion in the legs. As long as they rest, they will gradually recover, except for sprint.