Practice yoga, want to bend forward more deeply in place, this posture to practice often!

Yoga hand to toe forward stretch is a forward fold, spine and shoulder integration yoga pose. It uses the thumb, index finger and middle finger to grasp the big toe, hence the name. It can stretch the whole body, especially the hamstrings and calf muscles. < / P > < p > this pose has many benefits, including stimulating the digestive and reproductive systems, strengthening thigh muscles, calming the mind and relieving headaches. This position uses gravity to turn the upper body upside down, releasing tension, and then increasing the use of fingers to hold the big toe for deep stretching. < / P > < p > downdog is a soft handstand position that also stretches the hamstrings, legs and shoulders. Find a sense of stability here to deepen your forward bending. < / P > < p > find a wall to support your weight. Press the palm of your hand into the wall, walk back, and finally place your hand, shoulders and hips in a straight line. Keep your feet hip width apart and at a 90 degree angle to your hips. At the same time, straighten your legs and bring your hips back. Get ready for the leg flexion and forearm stretch. < / P > < p > standing forward is the first step in practicing the reach and toe stretch. Once you feel comfortable here, just add the big toe and deepen the fold. < / P > < p > semi forward flexion is a transitional position of hand to toe extension and a great position to explore your hamstring flexibility. Adjust your hands on your thighs, calves, ankles or feet and pay attention to how you feel. < p > < p > sit up and forward flexion is essentially a sit up version of the hand hold toe forward flexion stretch. It allows you to sit on the floor with your hands on your feet and stretch your hamstrings. Reach out to your feet to grab your toes. Place your hand on the sole of your foot, or use your thumb and two other fingers to grab your big toe up. < / P > < p > this position can not only stretch the hamstrings, but also improve the flexibility of the hips. First place your hand on your hips, then place your palms on the floor, hold for a while, and then move further forward. < / P > < p > the flexibility of the hamstring is the key to enter the posture and maintain the upright position, but it must be noted that it takes some time to practice. In order to avoid injury, you must start slowly and gradually build up the strength your body allows. It’s also important to keep practicing. Stretching the hamstrings and the rest of the lower body every day will prepare the body and help you get into position. < / P > < p > place the band under your feet so that both sides extend evenly. As you fold forward, start to grasp the strap with your thumb and forefinger, just like a hand hold toe reach. Stretch out the elbows, deepen the bend, and bring you close to the fingers of the toes forward flexion stretch. < / P > < p > start by standing forward, bending your elbows and holding your big toe. Then, straighten the elbows, similar to folding forward. Try to take a few breaths, relax your hamstrings and take deep breaths to stay relaxed. < / P > < p > once you can enter the reach toe stretch, your body and mind will be able to move into other positions that require hamstring flexibility. Remember to always listen to your body and adjust to your needs. Luanban