Pregnancy and decompression disease, why can lead to necrosis of femoral head?

1. After pregnancy, the adrenocortical function and the secretion of adrenocortical hormone increased significantly during pregnancy, and the levels of urine and blood in pregnant women increased significantly. The increase of these substances can lead to the occurrence of femoral head necrosis, which can further aggravate the necrosis of femoral head.

2. With the increase of gestational month, the pregnant uterus continuously oppresses pelvic venous plexus, and the whole blood flow is in a state of stagnation, resulting in extramedullary and extramedullary venous congestion, increasing intramedullary pressure, affecting the blood supply of the femoral head, and finally leading to necrosis of the femoral head.

3. With the growth of the fetus, the weight of pregnant women in late pregnancy also gradually increases, which will undoubtedly increase the load on the hip joint, and the bearing pressure on the femoral head will increase, which will aggravate the occurrence of femoral head necrosis. Therefore, pregnancy will make femoral head necrosis worse, and in the treatment of increased difficulties.

therefore, pregnant women during pregnancy should eat more high-quality protein and supplement vitamins appropriately. Calcium can promote fetal bone development, iron can prevent anemia, zinc can promote fetal brain development and so on. But can not blindly supplement, or it may cause macrosomia, but also increase the weight-bearing of patients with osteonecrosis of the femoral head.

decompression sickness refers to the fact that after the body is exposed to a certain pressure for a certain period of time, when it leaves the environment, the body compensation is still not enough to relieve the pressure, so that the gas dissolved in the body under the pressure does not have time to be diffused out of the body through the circulation and respiratory system, but dissociates from the dissolved state, forming bubbles, causing embolism and compression A disease caused by.

for example, when working in deep water, the human body inhales compressed air, and the blood and tissues contain high concentration of nitrogen. When the diver floats quickly and decompresses rapidly, once the gas such as nitrogen embolizes the blood channel of bone tissue, leading to ischemia and hypoxia of bone tissue, bone necrosis will be caused!

if the intramedullary blood vessels of the femoral head are blocked, it will lead to necrosis of the femoral head. Similarly, when high altitude pilots rapidly rise from normal atmospheric pressure to hypoxic pressure environment, the intramedullary blood vessels will be blocked, leading to necrosis of femoral head. After taking X-ray to discover pregnancy, can the child still want it? The doctor told you so