Pregnancy “fetal stop childbearing” will have these three symptoms, pregnant mother don’t be careless, occupy a fast to the hospital

Research shows that the possibility of miscarriage during pregnancy is about 10% – 15% every year, of which the most frequent is “fetal abortion”, accounting for more than half. In other words, many pregnant women are at risk of miscarriage during pregnancy. So the more pregnant mothers know and prepare, they will not pay for their ignorance and carelessness. < / P > < p > the factors leading to “fetal arrest” are very complex, which may be the genetic mismatch between husband and wife, or the maternal nutrition deficiency may lead to fetal growth retardation, or the influence of the surrounding environment. Of course, “fetal stop childbearing” is not without a reason, usually will send some signals to the pregnant mother. < / P > < p > if there is such a reaction, that is, the fetus is healthy. If there is no such reaction, then the pregnant mother must pay attention to it and go to the hospital for examination in time. Never be careless. There may be problems with the fetus. < p > < p > pregnant mothers will not have bleeding symptoms during pregnancy. If you see slight bleeding symptoms, you should also pay attention to them. At this time, bleeding is likely caused by “fetal discontinuation”. It is a dream for many girls to be a mother, but to have a healthy and lovely baby requires not only a long pregnancy preparation, but also a careful October pregnancy. < / P > < p > whether the fetus has any problems and what problems there are can only be known through examination. Pregnant mothers must not make their own conclusions, scare themselves, or even take some measures to terminate pregnancy, which is extremely disrespectful of this life. < / P > < p > seek medical advice in a timely manner, and let the doctor make professional judgment and corresponding measures. Even if it is “abortion”, we can analyze why and avoid making the same mistake next time. During pregnancy, pregnant mothers should not be too excited and their emotions fluctuate too much, which are unfavorable. If you feel that there is a sign of “fetal arrest”, don’t worry too much. It will not help if you are anxious. < / P > < p > before going to the hospital, you should relax and have a good attitude. Don’t collapse first. It may be just your own illusion, an Oolong incident. < / P > < p > we should believe that doctors also try their best to let the pregnant mother to protect the fetus. If it is really the conclusion of “abortion”, you can’t have to protect your baby, which will not only be irresponsible to the baby, but also hurt yourself. < / P > < p > < p > “abortion” is irreparable. Pregnant mothers can’t subjectively think that they can take a good rest and the fetus can develop normally after a period of time. Don’t deceive yourself. < / P > < p > if there is a clear judgment, we should listen to the doctor, abortion early, so as not to cause greater harm to pregnant women, or even become infertility. Focus