Pregnancy haircut, will cut the baby’s “blessing”? Mom, don’t worry. Let’s see the correct explanation

”In this case, there is a pregnant mother of the older generation at home, even if the hair is no longer easy to cut, which also brings a lot of inconvenience to the pregnant mother.

Wen Wen said that what she can’t stand most is that her mother-in-law doesn’t let her hair cut during pregnancy, which leads to her mood being affected by the “greasy” long hair when having an abortion. She also needs to spend time and effort to take care of it, which makes her very upset.

it’s because of this old saying that Wenwen suffered throughout her pregnancy. After giving birth to her baby, she immediately cut her hair and regained her “freedom”.

but can’t you really cut your hair during pregnancy? In fact, according to research, the claim that cutting short hair during pregnancy will cut off the baby’s “good fortune” is pure rumor, without scientific basis. On the contrary, cutting short hair has many advantages.

pregnant mothers should have a big stomach during pregnancy, and some mothers will have lumbar pain, which is inconvenient to move. Therefore, if a pregnant mother leaves too long hair during pregnancy, it will increase the burden of cleaning, and long hair is more difficult to take care of than short hair.

if a pregnant mother’s hair is too long during pregnancy, it will be more difficult to wash her hair and blow dry it. If her hair is too long and blow dry not in time, it will not be worth the loss.

because of the change of hormone level in pregnant women during pregnancy, they will have a certain degree of hair loss before and after delivery. Therefore, compared with long hair, pregnant mothers with short hair will relatively reduce the phenomenon of hair loss, and it is easier to take care of it.

when mothers feed their babies and cuddle them to sleep, some “active” babies will like to pull their mother’s long hair and treat it as a toy. The baby will have fun, but the mother will suffer.

today, different from previous times, living standards and material conditions have been improved by more than one level. In the past, because of the limitations of these conditions, the older generation had some cognitive bias.

as children, we should patiently explain the truth to the elderly, so that they can know that they can actually have their hair cut or even shampoo during pregnancy, and this will not “cut” the baby’s happiness.

pregnant mothers should not be too tangled because they regret their long hair. After all, compared with keeping their long hair and continuing to be “beautiful”, it is the most important to be more comfortable during pregnancy.

therefore, pregnant mothers who are still struggling about whether they can have their hair cut during pregnancy can make a decision based on the above advantages of short hair cut and their own actual situation. For children and pregnant mothers, keeping them healthy and happy during pregnancy is the most important thing. 08/16/2020