Pregnancy is not a matter for the pregnant mother alone. The father to be should also participate in it. I don’t know where to start? Look here

Women lack a sense of security during pregnancy. If fathers to be do not care about their wives, they are really disappointed with you, which will give rise to the illusion that you no longer love her. In reality, most husbands will think that this is pregnancy? Why should you be so coquettish? Every time I go home, I still want to stretch out my hand and open my mouth to eat. But as a husband, have you ever thought that you are married to a wife, not a nanny.

and pregnancy is not a matter for one person, not for a wife alone! Because she loves you, she risks her life to give birth to you! So she deserves to be cherished by you!

to love a wife, we should start from being a qualified father to be. What can a prospective father do to make his wife feel happy? Believe that you are married to love?
during pregnancy, one of the main causes of pregnant women’s mood fluctuation, especially during pregnancy, is the fluctuation of their mood during pregnancy.

pregnant women worry about a lot of things, and their emotions are changeable. At the first moment, they are immersed in the happiness of giving birth to the fetus. After a while, they will complain about their poor appetite and body shape. The next moment, they are worried about whether their children will develop normally. When they give birth, there will be no dystocia and whether they will have a natural or cesarean section.

with great changes in physiology and psychology, pregnant mothers are naturally not happy. Their pregnancy reaction, as well as backache and even insomnia, are vulnerable. In fact, their hearts are very fragile, and they need more attention and care from fathers to be.

the father to be should actively and carefully observe his wife’s needs and expectations, and pay attention to the growth and development of the fetus with her; the husband and wife should often communicate with the baby through their stomachs to feel the growth process of the baby.

you can cook for your wife in person, try to change the dietary patterns and make more light, delicious and nutritious meals; take your wife for more walks to breathe fresh air; take the initiative to learn about pregnancy knowledge, read pregnancy and maternity care and pregnancy and infant books with his wife; learn relevant pregnancy health care and new knowledge of child care, and experience pregnancy.

the father to be should encourage his wife to do more activities that he or she likes. They can watch movies and listen to concerts together to let his wife vent her emotions. When appropriate, both parties can also talk about their feelings. This helps to help couples with emotional instability and reduce unnecessary anxiety.

10 months of pregnancy is the happiest, the hardest and the most bewildered. During pregnancy, it is best for the father to be to accompany his wife to be in labor. Both sides can be considerate of each other. If the father to be can do some subtle things in life, I believe his wife will be very moved.

we should know that it is two people’s business to give birth to a small life. Don’t throw all the heavy burden on the mother to be. As long as the father to be does his duty, the mother to be can raise the baby with more peace of mind, keep the mood stable, and provide more convenience for the baby.

mother in law? There will be conflicts between the old generation’s concept of parenting and the concept of contemporary young parents. If the mother-in-law is allowed to take care of the baby, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will always be in a deadlock, which will hinder the mood of the puerpera and is not conducive to postpartum recovery.

in fact, it is the most appropriate for a husband to take care of his wife and accompany the growth of the baby. After all, it is more convenient for a pregnant mother to command her husband. Although most of the men who are new fathers have no experience in taking care of mothers and infants, they are absolutely competent as long as they have strong learning ability, enough patience and self-confidence.

1) let the wife rest at home to ensure adequate sleep. It can not make the wife tired, but also can’t lie in bed all day long. The husband supports his wife to walk around the next day after childbirth and help her do some postpartum gymnastics. This is conducive to the recovery of her physique and body shape.

3) arrange a reasonable diet for the wife: the food should be soft, delicious and easy to digest, and eat 5-6 times a day. Because the first few days of postpartum, maternal body abnormal weakness, gastrointestinal function is not very good.

it’s not easy to take care of your wife from pregnancy to childbirth. But when the father to be is angry, you have to think about your wife’s willingness to give you children. What are your dissatisfaction and intolerance?

it is a long process to cultivate a good husband. I hope that husband and wife can understand and support each other. As a husband, he should understand the difficulty of his wife in having children. When you take care of her carefully, how can the wife blame you? You can play with mobile phones during pregnancy, but these four methods of “hurting your fetus” are not advisable. Be careful of the damage to Taibao