Pregnancy left side lying can not sleep, is to continue to adhere to or according to personal preferences? The answer is simple

Pregnancy is a very important moment in a woman’s life. Diet, daily life, exercise and so on are all paid attention to. Even sleeping posture that you don’t care about at ordinary times should be paid attention to. Pregnant mothers should have heard that it is recommended to sleep on the left side during pregnancy, but why sleep on the left side? If you are not used to sleeping on the left side, what should I do? Not long ago, in a variety show, I saw Wang Silan, a expectant mother, go to the obstetric examination and ask the doctor a question: when I sleep now, I want to lie on my back so that I can sleep, but my mother always says that I have to lie on the left side… Hearing this question, I think this is not a problem for countless expectant mothers? People around me tell me that I don’t know how to sleep well on the left side of pregnancy, but I’m not used to it and I can’t sleep. Pregnancy, left side sleepless, continue to insist, or according to their own personal preferences? < / P > < p > many people have their own answers to this question. Some people will say, for the sake of children to bear with, some say how to sleep comfortable, how to sleep, why do you feel aggrieved. Here, before answering this question, I would like to tell you why pregnant women are advised to sleep on the left side? < / P > < p > in clinical practice, it is found that most pregnant women will have right rotation of uterus in the third trimester of pregnancy. What is the result of uterine right rotation? The most direct result is that after the uterine blood vessels are pulled or twisted, the blood supply of the uterus and placenta is reduced, which is very dangerous for the fetus. Sleeping on the left side can improve the operation of uterine blood, relieve the tension of uterine blood vessels, and restore the blood flow of placenta and blood oxygen supply to the fetus. < / P > < p > the pregnant mother does not know that when the fetus develops to the middle and late stage, the uterus will be enlarged, and the inferior vena cava will be compressed generally. Therefore, many pregnant mothers will have lower extremity edema due to poor blood circulation in the third trimester of pregnancy. If the pregnant mother to take the left side sleep, can increase the amount of blood back to the heart, lower limb edema can also be alleviated. The lower extremity edema phenomenon alleviates, regarding the pregnant mother later stage movement, also has own mood improvement, has the very big benefit. < p > < p > in general, before labor, the pregnant mother adopts the sleeping position on the left side, so that the fetus can drop its head along the oblique path of pelvis under the action of the center of gravity of amniotic fluid. If the pregnant mother before delivery, have good contractions, left lying sleep, can correct mild head position problems, reduce the probability of dystocia. Therefore, many people encourage pregnant women to sleep on the left side during pregnancy. < p > < p > although the left side sleep has many benefits, it may not be suitable for every pregnant mother. It is generally recommended that the pregnant mother should consult the doctor before deciding whether to sleep on the left side. If the following types of pregnant women, it is estimated that the doctor will not recommend you to take the left side sleep. It is not suitable to sleep on the left side in pregnant women with naturally left-handed uterus rotation. Because, the left side sleeps according to the majority of pregnant women’s uterus is easy to be put forward under the condition of right rotation. If the pregnant woman’s own uterus is left rotation, continue to sleep on the left, will only aggravate the degree of left rotation, is also very unfavorable to the development of the fetus. < / P > < p > ② pregnant women with poor heart or heart disease are not suitable for left sleeping. People’s heart is on the left side. Sleeping on the left side will increase the burden on the heart, which is not conducive to maternal health and indirectly affect the health of the fetus. Therefore, pregnant women with heart problems are not recommended to sleep on the left side. < / P > < p > if the physical condition of the pregnant mother is suitable for sleeping on the left side, the doctor also encourages the pregnant mother to sleep on the left side, so the pregnant mother should pay attention to that the left side sleep must be correct. Generally, the recommended left side sleep is that the pregnant mother’s body and bed are 15-30 degrees, and the pregnant mother will be more comfortable. Of course, if the pregnant mother only rely on her own strength, it is difficult to maintain such a tilt, and how to sleep on the left side is not comfortable. You can use soft bedding such as pillows and quilts to cushion a little, and sleep on the left side comfortably. < / P > < p > but what should a pregnant mother do if she is uncomfortable sleeping on her left side? Do you want to stick to it or do you like it? The answer, of course, is that after consulting your doctor, you are advised to sleep according to your preference while protecting your fetus and your own health. Because if you don’t sleep well, it affects the quality of sleep, and the fetus is uncomfortable. During pregnancy, there is no sleeping position that you must adhere to. The most suitable sleeping position for pregnant mothers during pregnancy is to let you sleep comfortably and healthily. Sometimes, the pregnant mother does not sleep well, and maybe the fetus is telling you “I am not feeling well.”. Therefore, the pregnant mother should timely receive this signal, do not force yourself. Sleep during pregnancy, do not blindly adhere to, do not let yourself uncomfortable, try not to affect the development of the fetus, is really for their own and children’s good. 08/16/2020