Pregnancy to this month, the fetus is easy to appear “hypoxia” phenomenon, pregnant mother should pay special attention to be careful

In the second trimester of pregnancy, the pregnant mother should pay attention to the surrounding environment and diet to prevent fetal malformations; it is not easy for the pregnant mother to think that she can relax after the normal development of the fetus, but she did not expect to prevent the fetus “< / P > < p > when the word” hypoxia “is mentioned, many adults will feel afraid. When adults are in the hypoxic environment, they will be very big The nerves of the brain cause damage, not to mention the brain is still in the development stage of the fetus baby. < / P > < p > if the fetus grows up in the hypoxia environment, it will seriously nourish the brain and nerve development, and if the time is too long, it will lead to fetal asphyxia and even death. < / P > < p > especially in the eighth month of pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to pay more attention, because this is the most vulnerable stage of fetal “hypoxia”. < / P > < p > in the process of playing, it is possible that the “umbilical cord around the neck” may occur, and the more and more people will be wrapped, the more and more weeks they will be entangled, which will naturally lead to hypoxia. < / P > < p > at the same time, at the eighth month of pregnancy, the fetus needs to move slowly to the pelvic region to prepare for future delivery. In the process of moving and the increase of its own volume, it is inevitable to encounter the umbilical cord, which will also increase the possibility of umbilical cord around the neck. < / P > < p > during pregnancy, the nutrients and oxygen needed by the fetus are transformed and consumed by the placenta, and the placenta will gradually aging with the increase of pregnancy. < / P > < p > the frequency of fetal movement will also vary according to the situation of the fetus. Some fetuses like to move and naturally have a higher frequency. Some fetuses have a gentle character and will naturally be quiet. However, if the more active fetus is suddenly quiet, or the quiet fetus is abnormally active, and the fetal movement is less than 10 times / 12 hours or 40 times / 12 hours, then it may be that the fetus is suffering from intrauterine hypoxia. < p > < p > if fetal hypoxia and distress occur, the fetal heart rate will rise sharply, reaching 160 beats / min, and then the fetal heart rate will slow down from 120 beats / min to 100 bpm. Sometimes, fetal hypoxia is also a chronic distress symptom. This kind of chronic hypoxia distress can easily affect the normal development of fetus, resulting in small size, weight loss and growth retardation. < / P > < p > when fetal hypoxia is detected, it is generally to the hospital for oxygen inhalation. If the situation is serious, it is more necessary to follow the doctor’s instructions and stay in the hospital for observation. < p > < p > at ordinary times, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to the adjustment of their mood. They can take a walk properly and breathe more fresh air, which can also help prevent the occurrence of fetal hypoxia. Pigtail is the most delicious way to do, super simple, women often eat, beauty and beauty, delay aging