Pregnant 1-2 months, what feeling can pregnant woman body have? These eight reactions indicate pregnancy

I’ve seen several reports before that some women are pregnant, but they don’t know until the baby is born with a stomachache. Many people will say “the heart is too big”!

indeed, in fact, there will be many changes and feelings in the body after pregnancy. If you have a careful understanding, women’s body will have changes and feelings during the first trimester of pregnancy. For example, in the first two months of pregnancy, there have been early pregnancy reactions, and the main manifestations of different gestational weeks will be different.

after pregnancy, due to the increase of hormone in women’s body, there will be some “uncomfortable performance” under the influence of hormones, which are collectively referred to as “early pregnancy reaction”. HCG will decrease with the increase of hCG level in early pregnancy.

PS: of course, there are also abnormal conditions. For example, when pregnant with twins, multiple pregnancies and hydatidiform mole, the blood HCG will increase abnormally, and the early pregnancy reaction will also be very serious. You should be careful about this situation.

most of the early pregnancy reactions start from 5-6 weeks of pregnancy, and then continue to worsen. The most serious reaction is around 10 weeks of pregnancy, and gradually alleviates in 12-14 weeks of pregnancy, and some severe reactions may last until 16-17 weeks of pregnancy.

However, this is a normal early pregnancy performance, not “abnormal fetus” performance, this pregnant mother can rest assured. But in different gestational weeks, the main performance is also different.

first of all, a common sense that pregnant mothers should understand is that “pregnancy days” are calculated from the first day of the last menstruation, that is, the first day of the last menstruation.

the 12-14 days after the basic menstruation is the ovulation period. In these days, the husband and wife will first form the fertilized egg; then the fertilized egg will enter the uterus for pregnancy, and the next step, the fertilized egg implantation, will take about 7 days.

after the implantation of the fertilized egg, that is, about 21-24 days of pregnancy, hCG begins to be secreted. At this time, if you go to the hospital for blood sampling, it can show that the blood HCG is elevated, and the pregnancy is confirmed by urine test, which is a few days later than blood test.

by the time of 28-30 days of pregnancy, for women with regular menstruation, it’s about time to “menstruate”. It’s at this time that many girls know about pregnancy by urine or blood tests.

about 35 days after pregnancy, the gestational sac can be seen by B-ultrasound examination. Many pregnant mothers begin to have early pregnancy reaction, but generally it is relatively mild, showing “a feeling similar to menstruation”.

① chest distension: with the increase of hCG level, there will be different degrees of chest distension, but it is not the same as the feeling of swelling pain to come to menstruation. If you touch it, you will feel bloated, but it will not be very hard.

② bleeding: this “amount of bleeding” is relatively small. It is not menstruation. It is bleeding from implantation of fertilized eggs, and the stomach will not hurt. It may last for 2-3 days.

③ “false cold”: it is a feeling similar to a cold, but it is not a real cold. It is characterized by fear of cold, fatigue, becoming lazy, sleepy and always wanting to sleep. It is also related to the increase of hormone, which is a normal early pregnancy reaction. Don’t take cold medicine easily at this time.

at 6-7 weeks, many pregnant mothers can see fetal heart and embryo buds under B-ultrasound, and almost all of them have early pregnancy reactions, mainly including the following.

② nausea and vomiting: This is the most important early pregnancy reaction of many pregnant mothers. When they get up in the morning and are hungry, they always feel nauseous and want to vomit. They often smell all kinds of smell and make nausea or even vomit. Moreover, this kind of vomiting is “vomiting as soon as you say it”.

③ dizziness and drowsiness: some pregnant mothers are in a very poor mental state and always feel dizzy, especially when they get up in the morning or when they are hungry, and may even faint; they also become particularly prone to sleepiness, and they always want to sleep when they have time, or those who do not sleep enough. At this time, pregnant mothers can sleep more.

④ fear of cold: as mentioned above, it is like the feeling of cold, especially cold. You can wear more, which is also caused by hormone.

⑤ frequency of urination: as the embryo begins to differentiate and develop rapidly, the uterus is also gradually enlarged, which will compress the bladder below, resulting in frequent urination.

there is a basic law of early pregnancy reaction, which will continue to worsen after it appears, until about 10 weeks of pregnancy, reach the peak, and then begin to reduce, and generally disappear after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

there are also individual differences in early pregnancy reaction. Some pregnant mothers with less severe early pregnancy reaction may gradually disappear after 10 weeks, and some pregnant women with severe early pregnancy reaction may last until 16 weeks, and even have nausea and vomiting during the whole pregnancy.

no matter what kind of situation, the correct response of pregnant mother is the key. If there is no early pregnancy reaction or slight performance of pregnant mother, there is no need to worry about her mild reaction; the pregnant mother with serious reaction does not have to complain that it is too hard every day, so just face it with heart.

pregnant mothers with severe pregnancy vomiting can choose to eat less and more meals, eat light and easily digestible food, try to choose the time of the day when nausea and vomiting is not serious, and at the same time adjust the mood and state, and don’t be too nervous, which can help relieve the reaction of pregnancy and vomiting.

the above are the physical feelings and changes that may occur to pregnant mothers at the stage of 1-2 months of pregnancy. What kind of performance and which performance are the most serious when you are just pregnant? Please leave a message.

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