“Pregnant” 3 months to the hospital for examination, but was told “false pregnancy”, the truth is heartbreaking

Always can’t conceive two people also anxious, mother-in-law also unceasingly urges to have the grandson, the other family has two children. Xiao Li and her husband also went to the hospital to have a check-up. They drank some Chinese medicine to recuperate. < p > < p > after a period of time, Xiao Li always had nausea and regurgitation when she was eating, and her mother-in-law concluded that it was a symptom of pregnancy. Sure enough, three months later, Xiao Li’s stomach began to swell. < p > < p > after listening to her mother-in-law’s advice, Xiao Li took care of her fetus three months before and went to the hospital for birth examination three months later. Can check complete family all silly eye, Xiao Li unexpectedly did not have a pregnancy! < / P > < p > the hospital looked at Xiaoli crying heartily: maybe the pressure of pregnancy is too big, which leads to the phenomenon of “false pregnancy”. Next time you have to come to the hospital to check and confirm, go back and comfort Baoma. < / P > < p > in real life, the phenomenon of “false pregnancy” does exist. It is not pregnant women who dress up to be pregnant, but eager to have children, which produces pregnancy reactions, such as pregnancy vomiting, abdominal distension, backache and leg pain, etc. This kind of situation often happens to white-collar women who are old, have no children for a long time, are urged by their families, and are under great pressure. Family members should not complain about their pregnant mother. The pregnant mother is the saddest and saddest. < p > < p > in order to avoid “false pregnancy”, expectant mothers also put forward a variety of suggestions, such as pregnancy symptoms, “sun” pregnancy test paper, or find experienced people to help them judge whether they are pregnant, but when they do check, they find that they are not pregnant, making a funny line) it is not reliable to speculate on the symptoms of pregnancy < / P > < p > “false pregnancy” will also have menstrual arrest, pregnancy vomiting and fetal movement These may be caused by psychological factors or women suffering from certain diseases, which may lead to the increase of hCG concentration and a series of pregnancy symptoms. < p > < p > pregnancy test paper mainly tests the HCG value of women. If there are two red bars, it means pregnancy. However, there are other diseases and ectopic pregnancy that can affect hCG. If the fetus can not be preserved, it will harm the mother. < / P > < p > “if you like sour food, if your taste changes, you will be pregnant”, “if you dream about a child, you will be pregnant” The identification methods of the older generation were all conjectures. There were no scientific testing conditions at that time. Most of them were correct, but sometimes there were mistakes. < / P > < p > < p > “false pregnancy” is mostly that women do not want to face their own infertility or difficult pregnancy. Family members must take “pregnant women” to the hospital for examination at the first time. Sometimes it is too early to check the fetal status. It is necessary to remember to have a regular next birth examination to avoid blind conclusion and delay the normal pregnancy process. < / P > < p > if couples have infertility symptoms, they must be treated in time. Now that medicine is developed, active treatment will always recover, and children will come as they wish. Next