Pregnant 4 months to 6 months, pregnant women do not pay attention to diet will affect the fetus, need to focus on the adjustment of diet

After the first three months of anxiety, entering 14 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is finally relatively safe and stable, and pregnant mothers also ushered in a relatively relaxed and happy second trimester. < / P > < p > during this period, the fetus will grow rapidly and need a lot of energy and nutrition. At this time, the appetite of pregnant women is also getting better and better, some mothers began to eat sea drink, but ignored the balanced diet and correct nutrition intake, resulting in rapid weight gain. Therefore, nutrition intake in the second trimester of pregnancy should pay attention to science, neither excessive nutrition nor insufficient nutrition, should be taken according to the needs of pregnancy. According to the survey, iron deficiency is common among expectant mothers in China, and the prevalence of anemia is about 30%. If pregnant women are iron deficient, the iron storage in the fetus will also be reduced, and iron deficiency anemia will easily occur after birth. The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that mothers in the second trimester should be given 25 mg of iron a day. The iron rich foods include animal liver, lean meat, beans, green leafy vegetables, brown sugar and poultry eggs. At the same time, we should pay attention to supplement vitamin C to increase the absorption of iron. < p > < p > in the fourth month of pregnancy, the skeleton and visceral development of the fetus is very rapid, which needs more nutrients such as high-quality protein, calcium, zinc and vegetable fat. It is suggested that pregnant women should eat more soy and soybean products, lean meat, fish, eggs and other foods rich in high-quality protein. At the same time, oysters, jellyfish and milk are also rich in calcium, zinc and vegetable fat. Adequate intake of staple food in the second trimester of pregnancy plays an important role in ensuring heat supply, saving protein, ensuring fetal growth and maternal tissue growth. In addition to rice, white flour and other staple foods, it is recommended that mothers to be eat a certain amount of coarse grains, such as millet and corn. < p > < p > although the first three months have passed the most dangerous time, but the fourth month of pregnancy fetal development is faster, there is a certain risk of abortion. I remember when I was pregnant with ER Bao, my grandmother reminded me that I should pay attention to it when I was 4 months pregnant. Therefore, it is recommended that mothers to be eat foods rich in vitamin E at 4 months of pregnancy, which can help prevent miscarriage. Vitamin E mainly exists in some plant foods, such as wheat germ oil, corn oil, rapeseed oil, peanut oil and sesame oil. < p > < p > in the fifth month of pregnancy, the lungs of the fetus begin to develop, and the circulation of bones, teeth, five senses, limbs and urinary system are formed. At this time, more nutrition is needed, especially calcium intake. < p > < p > pregnant women should drink more than 500 ml of milk or dairy products every day. If there is milk intolerance, mothers to be can switch to yogurt. In order to supplement calcium, also need to often eat some shrimp skin. < p > < p > mothers should not be afraid when they hear the word “fat”. In fact, fat is also a very necessary part of the body. Reasonable intake of fat does not make the mother fat, and it is very important for the development of fetal brain. < / P > < p > in the second trimester of pregnancy, expectant mothers should pay attention not to catch a cold or get sick, which will have adverse effects on themselves and the fetus. Once sick, mother will be very uncomfortable, because can’t take medicine, basically rely on boil. < p > < p > by the 6th month of pregnancy, the skeleton of fetus began to ossify, the tooth germ of deciduous teeth began to develop, and the weight of brain continued to increase. At this time, the daily caloric requirements of expectant mothers increased by 200 kcal compared with the early pregnancy. < / P > < p > in the second trimester of pregnancy, some pregnant mothers began to have swollen hands and feet, and pressed a hole in their legs, which could not be flattened for a long time. At this time, salt should be controlled to avoid the aggravation of edema. < p > < p > by the sixth month of pregnancy, some mothers to be have constipation. At this time, you need to eat more cellulose rich vegetables and fruits. In addition, milk is also conducive to defecation, you can drink more. < / P > < p > I am “douma chuwa”, a national second-class psychological consultant, a former teacher and head teacher, and an original author of multi platform. A mother of two children who has gone through the South and crossed the north, trying to explore the possibility of life and the world. Luanban