“Pregnant, don’t hold other people’s children”, don’t think it is superstition, there is scientific reason

After knowing that they are pregnant, many expectant mothers will become very careful and become the target of [key protection] for the whole family. Many folk taboos are even more untouchable. It seems that if you touch any one of them, the baby will have problems.

when I was pregnant with a daughter, my mother-in-law talked about a series of pregnancy taboos, one of which was that I couldn’t hold other people’s children, especially the newborn. In her mother-in-law’s words, pregnant women who hold other people’s children will cause the newborn to cry.

some time ago, Lin Lin, who was more than 8 months pregnant, took a walk in the community with her husband as usual. As soon as I got downstairs, I met my husband’s family of college classmates. The couple came out to play with their 1-year-old son. Looking at his son in the arms of his classmate’s wife, he has thick eyebrows, big eyes, bright eyes, fair skin and is very lovely.

Linlin pinched the child’s face and asked, “can I hold him? “So cute”, the classmate’s wife was stunned at first, then looked at Linlin’s big belly, and said awkwardly: “son is noisy, you’d better not hold it.”. Frank Linlin, mouth said nothing, hands will reach over to hold the child.

after teasing the child for a while, Linlin went home with her husband. Shortly after returning home, I received a call from my classmate, saying that his child began to have diarrhea. Local rumor: pregnant women hold other people’s children, not good for that child. Some inexplicable Linlin very angry said: “in our hometown, pregnant women hold a child will be infected with aura, the child is more intelligent, how to come here like this.”.

looking at the angry Linlin, her husband comforted her and said that it was superstition. Let Linlin not be angry. Before long, Linlin had abdominal pain. The family rushed Linlin to the hospital. As a result, Linlin’s premature birth was caused by holding a child. The doctor even said, “how can we still hold a child when we have a big stomach? The child is pressed to the stomach, and the abdomen is too stressed. How can we not give birth prematurely?”.

after listening to the doctor’s words, Linlin regretted it. She thought it was superstition to “not hold other people’s children after pregnancy”, but she didn’t think it was really impossible. About “pregnant, can’t hold other people’s children”, many pregnant mothers also exposed their own embarrassment:

@ toudou mother: the children of my aunt’s family are always suffering from minor diseases, and my aunt always complains that it’s the pregnant sister who holds the child, which makes my sister feel uncomfortable; @ coco mother: don’t mention holding other people’s children. Last time I saw the children of my classmates’ family were very lovely, I wanted to hold hands and get married If my classmates beat me down with their hands, it was extremely embarrassing; @ Nini Mom: I’m more than five months pregnant, and my friend’s child is three months old. Every time she can’t hold me when she goes shopping, she asks me to hold her. In recent days, the child always had a fever in the middle of the night, so her mother-in-law went to believe in superstition. Later, my friend told me not to hold her child in the future. It was really speechless.

it is said that holding other people’s children after pregnancy will change the gender of the baby in the abdomen; ② holding other people’s children after pregnancy will make other people’s children always around, which is not good for the pregnant woman’s health; ③ holding other people’s children after pregnancy will make other people’s children have diarrhea, and there is no reason to go to the hospital; ④ afraid that the pregnant woman will force her baby, which will cause premature birth; ⑤ not allow pregnancy When a woman holds a child, she is afraid that the child will be active and kick the pregnant woman’s stomach, which will lead to premature delivery.

look carefully at the reasons why she can’t hold a child. Some are superstitious, while others are reasonable. The reason why pregnant mothers are not recommended to hold their children is mainly from these aspects:

Sometimes when the child is sick, parents or grandparents are anxious. If you can’t find the cause of the disease for a while and a half, the grannies are likely to send the nameless fire to the pregnant mother who once held the child. I think that the reason why the child is sick and suffers is that the pregnant mother has held her.

if you meet such a “rude and unreasonable” person, it’s really hard to argue. If the pregnant mother feels aggrieved and doesn’t say anything, it may also affect the care of the two families and stir up trouble. Therefore, it is suggested that pregnant mothers should do more than less. Since some people taboo these things, pregnant mothers should try not to hold children.

generally, children are more active, and because they are young, they have no sense of propriety. When they encounter unhappy things or some needs are not met, they are easy to cry, make noise and kick. At this time, if the pregnant mother holds the child, it is very easy to be kicked in the stomach or let the pregnant mother fall after gravity imbalance.

in the first trimester of pregnancy, the embryo is relatively fragile and the implantation development is not stable, so the pregnant mother should pay special attention at this time. In order to avoid strenuous exercise at the same time, also need more rest, try to lift less than 10 kilograms of weight, so as not to cause abortion.

generally, children after full moon weigh more than 10 jin. Therefore, for the safety and stability of the fetus, pregnant mothers should not hold children at this time.

at this time, pregnant mothers with big bellies are inconvenient to move, and they are not suitable to carry heavy things. When lifting more than 10 kg, arm force can stimulate uterine contraction, or increase the risk of placental abruption. Especially for some young pregnant mothers, we should pay more attention to it and never take it seriously.

at the same time, in the third trimester of pregnancy, we should also pay attention to avoid bumping into the stomach by others or ourselves. Although the fetus has amniotic fluid protection, if we accidentally bump into the stomach with our baby, it is likely to cause traumatic placental abruption or internal bleeding. Therefore, expectant mothers in the third trimester must not hold their children.

in a word, for the sake of their own and their baby’s health, it’s better for pregnant mothers not to hold other people’s children, regardless of other people’s taboos. After all, more is better than less. When they meet unreasonable and unreasonable people, they will be physically and mentally exhausted. 08/16/2020