Pregnant dream “Golden Dragon” is about to “give birth to a boy”? You think too much, the function of fetal dream is not here

Speaking of dreams, we are not unfamiliar, basic everyone has had a dream experience, a variety of nightmares, dreams have done a lot. Many people regard dreams as a kind of prophecy,

up to now, many people still believe that dreams have special meanings. In particular, some special dreams made by some special groups will be taken by people for various interpretations. For example, women’s dreams during pregnancy.

gestational dream is known as “fetal dream”. It is widely believed that fetal dream can predict the future of a baby, judge the baby’s gender, fate and even fortune.

I remember when I was pregnant with Koi, like many pregnant mothers, I had many strange dreams. One time, I was very impressed by the dream that a purple golden dragon fell from the sky and disappeared in front of me.

after that, my husband and I also talked about it, but he was a little disappointed. “I heard that dragons are pregnant with sons. It seems that my dream of wanting a daughter is broken.”

until the little Koi was born, the whole family was very happy, but there were some doubts, “isn’t it true that dreams of dragons are all boys? How did you become a girl? ”

why? Why don’t you ask? Of course, it’s not reliable to dream. How can there be an inevitable relationship between dreams and children’s gender! Let’s talk about fetal dreams today.

this type of fetal dream is what pregnant mothers do most. For example, dreaming of animals such as dragon, snake, tiger, horse and so on is implied to give birth to a boy, while dreaming of flowers, birds, fish, fruits and so on means that girls will be born.

there are also some fetal dreams that are interpreted as “the baby is to repay the kindness”, such as dreams of immortals coming down to earth, python around, autumn harvest and so on. Most of the similar dreams think that they have the meaning of foreshadowing the future, and they think that babies are coming to repay their parents.

scientific research shows that people dream every time they sleep, but most of the time we wake up and don’t remember, only a few of us will remember.

many pregnant mothers will subconsciously think about their baby after pregnancy, guess the baby’s gender, growth and so on. After that, they will unconsciously hint themselves according to their usual experience, and then do some “dreams indicating the sex of the fetus”.

most of these dreams are the wishes of the pregnant mother. Some people will say that their fetal dream is in the dream before pregnancy, in fact, it is mostly a kind of association.

if you don’t find out you’re pregnant, these weird dreams will probably be ignored. And when you find out you’re pregnant, you associate these weird dreams with your pregnancy.

after a pregnant woman is pregnant, her body’s hormones will change a lot, which will cause the pregnant mother to sleep in a shallow sleep state, which greatly increases the probability of dreams being remembered.

therefore, many pregnant mothers can often remember their dreams during pregnancy, and the probability of being remembered is much higher than that of their usual “fetal dreams”.

in a word, fetal dreams do indicate some things, which are not totally useless. It reflects the pregnant mother’s physical state from many aspects. If they often have fetal dreams, it shows that the pregnant mother is often in a shallow sleep state, with great mental pressure and poor rest.

at this time, the pregnant mother can choose the sleeping position on the left side as far as possible, use a U-shaped pillow for support, and drink a glass of milk before going to bed to help sleep.

on the other hand, it is also a good thing to have a proper fetal dream. It can relieve the pressure of pregnant mothers. Most pregnant women will have some anxiety after pregnancy. If they can have some interesting fetal dreams, it will be a way of decompression.

of course, no matter what kind of fetal dream we have, we should treat it rationally. We can have some expectations of our own, but we can’t “superstition” fetal dream and read it too much.