Pregnant female cat depends on woman, is driven many times, finally adopted, 3 kittens just weaned, it ran away

This stray cat came to Joanne’s house this summer. I don’t know what attracted her to this house, which made her want to go in again and again. < / P > < p > looking at the lights and figures in the room, the mother cat wanders in the corridor, making a meow from time to time. If it sees someone coming out to drive it away, it immediately hides in the grass. < / P > < p > but Joanne also has a clear idea of why this stray cat wanders here. She is also very happy to be trusted by a strange cat. < / P > < p > in the corridor, except that there is no meow in the morning, mother cats will come to test in the afternoon and evening, and the test position is closer and closer to Joanne’s door. < p > < p > Joanne was finally moved. After seeing the stray cat’s mother driven away by her neighbors several times, she ran back. She took the initiative to walk over with food in her hand and whispered “Mimi” in her mouth. < / P > < p > there was no barrier between them. The stray cat mother leaned against Joanne’s outstretched palm and rubbed her head. Her mouth was loud and happy. She finally entered the house. < / P > < p > the cat mother who stayed in the room didn’t mess with her. No matter what Joanne did for her, she accepted it one by one, because Its baby is about to be born. < / P > < p > on the third night when she came to her new home, the mother cat lay in the carton and gave birth to three lovely kittens. She didn’t meow in pain or disturb Joanne. Her goal was finally achieved. < / P > < p > all that mother cat does is for the sake of the kitten, but she doesn’t care about the hardships she suffered in the wandering and was scolded. < / P > < p > Joanne really likes watching the kittens grow up day by day. Compared with the cat mother’s half way home, she prefers the kittens who grew up in her home. < / P > < p > after the three kittens were taken care of by their mother and Joanne, they didn’t suffer any harm during their growing up. Sometimes they could eat Joanne’s milk powder and water, and they were extremely dependent on their two “mothers” after they opened their eyes. < / P > < p > as the children grow up, the cat mother also has more time to rest. It likes to lie on the window and look at the outside world. Stray cats passing through the grass will make it immediately lean out of its head to check. < / P > < p > are the kittens without their mothers used to it? They were not used to it at first, but with Joanne’s patience, they gradually adapted to their new home. And they didn’t have to be separated from each other. They were all adopted by Joanne. < / P > < p > why does mother cat do this? I’m afraid no one knows. Maybe it didn’t mean to leave, but was led away by a similar or small animal Who knows? It chooses the road, and it will go on with tears. Pregnant dream “Golden Dragon” is about to “give birth to a boy”? You think too much, the function of fetal dream is not here