Pregnant mother 32 weeks pregnant, willful behavior caused the baby to stop childbearing, now it is too late to regret

For women, pregnancy is a major event in life, not only will have a child of their own, their family will also be enriched, life will be complete.

it’s true that people say that happiness and misfortune depend on each other. During pregnancy, a pregnant mother not only gains a full sense of happiness, but also faces great risks. If she doesn’t pay attention to it, her baby and her mother will be in danger.

Xiao Mao is the mother of a 2-year-old boy. The family of three is very happy, but he always has a pain in his heart that his relatives and friends do not know.

under the protection of Xiaomao, the baby has successfully grown to 30 weeks. Watching the baby grow up healthily, her careful thinking comes up again. She thinks that the fetus has been so big, physical fitness should be good, play with the mobile phone is nothing.

just in time for her husband to go on a business trip, she picked up her mobile phone which she had put down for a long time. Originally, she wanted to put it down after a while. However, the mobile phone is very attractive. Playing without the concept of time is a night away.

in this way, on the day of the next pregnancy examination, she arrived in the hospital early and lay on the bed. The doctor was doing B-ultrasound, but after that, she was told that the baby had stopped growing.

when the news hit her, she was at a loss about what to do with “how can a well grown baby disappear?” but what’s the use of regret? The matter has been committed. Later, when she was pregnant with her son, she was very careful. Fortunately, she gave birth to the child successfully.

as we all know, the fetus is relatively fragile. Once there is improper behavior or wind and grass movement during pregnancy, it will have an impact on the baby, and the serious one will be fetal discontinuation.

and it is difficult to detect in the life of fetal arrest, which can only be found when doing the prenatal examination. Therefore, during pregnancy, we must follow the doctor’s instructions, and we must not drop the labor examination that should be done.

one of the conditions for checking whether a child is well-developed is to do fetal monitoring. However, the fetal monitoring belt in the hospital is used by many people, which is not disposable. It is very unfriendly for pregnant mothers who are addicted to cleanliness or have poor physical fitness.

therefore, they need two fetal monitoring belts of their own. One is used to monitor the contractions of the pregnant mother and the other is used to monitor the fetal heart rate development.

in addition, because the development of the fetus is different, the size of the pregnant woman’s stomach is also different. The fetal monitoring belt adopts a special technology, which is very flexible. The size of the fetal monitoring belt can be adjusted through the movable button, and Baoma doesn’t have to worry about holding the baby.

in order to avoid unsanitary and cross infection during fetal heart rate monitoring, pregnant mothers need to prepare their own fetal monitoring tape, so that when they do fetal monitoring, they can rest assured and fix the fetal monitoring instruments well.