Pregnant mother ate a dish of vegetables, 24 weeks of baby fetal death, pregnancy really can not eat things!

This article is originally shared by luopa, welcome to pay attention and leave a message. The content shared by luopa in this issue is: 24 weeks of pregnancy was sent to the emergency room to lose a baby, because of eating a dish, pregnant really can’t eat indiscriminately! < / P > < p > it is not safe to spend the first trimester of pregnancy, any small matter may harm the life and health of the baby. Xiaoqin is an employee who works in the company. She works hard. After giving birth to a son, she has a family of three and lives a happy life. Later, the two child policy was opened, and the eldest child went to kindergarten. In order to let the eldest child have a companion, Xiaoqin and her husband decide to have a second child. As an elderly woman, after pregnancy, Xiaoqin paid special attention to it. However, when her child was six months old, she lost her child because of an accident. < p > < p > so today, Dad Luo talked to you about being sent to the emergency room at 24 weeks’ gestation and lost his baby. Because he ate a dish of food, he couldn’t eat anything during pregnancy! So why did the pregnant mother only eat a dish of vegetables, and the baby died at 24 weeks? Let’s learn about it together! < p > < p > originally, Xiaoqin was going to bed after dinner, but she felt unwell, had a very painful stomach and was sweating profusely, so her husband took her to the hospital. After a while, the doctor opened the door and asked her husband, big or small? The husband is suddenly muddled, good child, why can suddenly have an accident? Xiaoqin’s living habits are very regular. She also pays attention to health preservation. She has never done anything beyond the rules! Later, under the doctor’s cross examination, the reason was actually just a dish of vegetables. The husband beat his chest and feet and felt remorse. It turns out that the couple ate a plate of overnight food, which is very common and not uncommon. If you cook too much, you can’t eat it until the next day. However, the nitrite in the overnight dish is very harmful to pregnant women and even leads to abortion! Don’t eat overnight food just because you save money or don’t waste food. Normal people should eat less and pregnant women should not eat it. Even leftovers in the refrigerator produce nitrite. < / P > < p > in recent years, the popularity of seafood has made many young people very fond of it. However, seafood belongs to cold food. You can eat less after pregnancy, but you must not eat overnight seafood, because the toxins produced by overnight seafood will directly affect the growth of the fetus. Therefore, if the pregnant mother is greedy, she can eat some fresh seafood, and don’t eat it the next day! < p > < p > soft boiled eggs are very popular and have become a popular online red food. Soft heart eggs are not fully cooked, so they are more nutritious. If they are not cooked, there are a lot of bacteria. Pregnant mother in pregnancy, remember not to eat loose eggs, because easy to cause abortion. < / P > < p > although it is necessary to take a rest in the early stage of pregnancy, after the child is stable, it is necessary to do more exercise and do a proper amount of exercise every day. The pregnant mother can not only improve the immunity, but also help the late delivery, and the fetus will be more healthy. < / P > < p > the importance of prenatal examination for the fetus, needless to say, we all know that in the past, medical technology was not developed, and people would not go to the hospital for examination. Therefore, even if the birth of children had defects, there was nothing to do. But now medical technology is very developed, do more prenatal examination is conducive to the healthy growth of the baby. < / P > < p > if you stay up late, people’s aging speed will become faster, and after staying up late, pregnant mothers will lead to endocrine problems, and the fetus will also be damaged. If the pregnant mother does not sleep, the fetus will also be extremely excited and produce umbilical cord around the neck, and the risk factor will be higher. During pregnancy, you should pay attention to your baby’s eating habits carefully, and you should not be careful when you are pregnant! After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!