Pregnant mother has the following characteristics, when giving birth to a baby, the pain is often lighter than ordinary people, the first two kinds of envy can not come

The data show that the human body can withstand 45 units of pain, while women need to bear 57 units of pain in childbirth, as if 20 bones were broken at the same time.

many girls are very afraid of childbirth, that is, they are afraid of the pain in childbirth. It is said that there are many puerperas who have passed out of pain, but there are also some mothers who say that the pain of giving birth is not as painful as expected.

Yueyue was a mother for the first time. Before that, she had heard from people around her that giving birth to a child was so painful that she even wanted to have a cesarean section directly, so as not to suffer so much pain.

but all the family members agreed that natural childbirth was better for recovery, and it was good for the baby. She resolutely opposed her cesarean section. In the end, Yueyue gave in and had to wait for the baby to get ready.

at the time of expected delivery, Yueyue experienced pain for up to 10 hours, and the baby was finally delivered successfully. As expected, the pain of giving birth almost made her faint.

every time she recalls this production experience, Yueyue looks distressed. She honestly says that she is determined not to have a second child, which is just too painful.

but a second child mother in the same ward with her is calm. She thinks Yueyue’s statement is too exaggerated. She doesn’t feel much pain in giving birth to her own child, which is completely within the scope of tolerance.

some pregnant mothers are not sensitive to the pain of their bodies. Sometimes they bump into each other carelessly. If it was not for bleeding or scars, they would not have found the injuries at all.

therefore, this kind of pregnant mother will not be too sensitive to the pain of the delivery of the fetus during childbirth. Pregnant mothers with other sensitive constitution will not be able to suffer from a small wound. Of course, it is even more unbearable to have a child, and they usually feel better.

when the fetus is delivered, it will go through a process of entering the basin. If the pregnant mother’s pelvis is wider, the fetus will enter the basin more smoothly and pass through the birth canal and be delivered more easily.

generally speaking, it is the most normal for a fetus to weigh between 6 and 6.5 kg at birth, and it is normal for a full-term newborn to reach 5 kg, and it is abnormal for a full-term newborn to reach more than 8 kg.

if the fetal weight is too large, and the pregnant mother’s pelvis is relatively narrow, and the head and basin disproportion occurs, it will increase the difficulty of production, and the labor process and pain will be increased.

generally speaking, the first stage of labor may take 11-12 hours for the first pregnant woman, while the time for the multipara with delivery experience is slightly shorter, about 6-8 hours.

that’s why women who have a second child feel much less pain during childbirth than those who give birth to their first child. After all, they experience less pain.

in addition, maternal attention and mental state during childbirth can also affect maternal perception of pain. If the attention is not focused or the mental state is poor during delivery, the pain may be aggravated.

under normal circumstances, natural childbirth is performed in a lying down position. However, obstetricians say that the pain of lying down or sitting down is much lighter than lying down.

this is a popular production mode in foreign countries. Experiments show that when a woman gives birth in warm water, her mood and muscles will be in a very relaxed state, which can concentrate more strength on uterine contraction, which is more conducive to accelerating the labor process and reducing labor pain.

in addition, the use of correct breathing patterns can also help to reduce pain, such as the more popular “Lamaze four breathing method”. Pregnant mothers can train more before labor, which is more conducive to the smooth delivery of the fetus, so that the pain is not so strong. Information sharing for epilepsy patients