Pregnant mother night 4 kinds of behavior, often is the cause of fetal dysplasia, mothers to be need to improve

Since pregnancy, pregnant mothers will pay special attention to their own behavior, in order to better development of the fetus, many bad habits, pregnant mothers can throw away.

However, some behaviors are uncontrollable. People don’t sleep during the day, and their behavior can be controlled. But in the evening, pregnant women into deep sleep, some of their own behavior can not be controlled. However, it is these behaviors that are the main causes of child dysplasia.

Xiaoning is a 36 week pregnant mother. Since her pregnancy, she and her husband have given up bad behaviors for the sake of children’s health and the doctor’s guidance. Her husband no longer smokes, and he also loses a complete set of cosmetics. In order to monitor the development of children, they all go to the first time at the time of pregnancy examination.

a few days ago, on the day of pregnancy check-up, she and her husband came to the hospital to check in early. Because they came early, they were quickly lined up. After a series of examinations such as B-ultrasound, the doctor called them in and said, “the baby is a little stunted! “。

after listening to the doctor’s words, the husband and wife were in a hurry. “I eat on time every day, and I also eat some fruits. The nutrition is very rich, and some bad habits have been corrected. How can I be stunted?” the fragile pregnant mother began to cry in a low voice.

after pondering over and over, the doctor asked carefully, “are you snoring in bed? “I remember not snoring…”.

before finishing, the father to be next to him said, “you didn’t play before, but now you do. I heard it when I got up the other night.”.

after listening to the father-in-law’s words, the doctor clearly said that “it should be the reason for snoring. Because snoring will raise your blood pressure, the baby’s brain blood supply will be insufficient, and it will definitely be stunted.”.

“doctor, what should I do?” the anxious pregnant mother asked. Later, under the doctor’s auxiliary treatment, Xiaoning’s snoring condition was controlled and the child’s development was further improved. More than a month later, Xiaoning gave birth to a healthy boy.

but some pregnant women did not find themselves snoring before pregnancy, and this symptom only appeared after pregnancy. And snoring, will let the pregnant woman’s blood pressure become high, if particularly high, will let the vascular transportation become extremely slow, even produce obstacles.

if the blood can not be transported to the fetus, the fetal blood supply will be insufficient, resulting in intrauterine hypoxia, brain dysplasia, growth retardation and other phenomena.

if you snore less, you don’t have to worry too much. On the contrary, if the voice is too loud, parents to be must pay attention to it and go to the hospital in time.

this is because during pregnancy, the size of the fetus continues to grow, forcing the uterus to grow. The space in the chest and abdomen does not increase with the size of the uterus.

if the respiratory tract is too narrow, it will cause the risk of apnea or asphyxia, and even increase the risk of hypertension and preeclampsia in pregnant women. Therefore, we must pay attention to it.

I believe that every expectant mother has experienced this kind of situation: when she sleeps, her quilt and pillow are wet with sweat, and her face and neck are covered with sweat.

this is called “night sweats” in medicine. It is caused by the deficiency of Qi and blood, yin deficiency and heart blood in pregnant women during pregnancy, which will bring great trouble to the sleep of pregnant women.

in addition, if night sweats often occur during pregnancy, you need to find a doctor for conditioning in time. If you don’t pay attention to it, it may lead to endocrine disorders and system abnormalities of pregnant women and affect the development of the fetus.

usually, when women are pregnant to the second and third trimester of pregnancy, the phenomenon of frequent urination and endless urine will occur. Many mothers to be are also very worried and shy about their own abnormalities.

in fact, in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, this situation will occur because the fetal body size is constantly increasing, forcing the bladder to be squeezed, it is squeezed into a ball, and the urine storage capacity naturally decreases.

pregnancy is very difficult for women. There will be all kinds of problems during pregnancy. However, if Baoma’s body is abnormal, she must see a doctor in time, or she will delay the development of the fetus.