Pregnant mother proud sun pregnant women, but her mother asked to “quickly delete”, netizens echoed: pay attention to the scale

Pregnancy is the hardest and happiest time in a woman’s life. Because, every day, I can feel a little life growing up in my stomach, and feel his breathing, heart beat, “fists and kicks” It was amazing. Therefore, many pregnant women will want to keep this happy period, and taking pictures of pregnant women is a good way. < / P > < p > yesterday, my cousin took a group of pregnant women’s photos in her circle of friends, and said with pride, “fortunately, during pregnancy, I’m” keeping my mouth shut and keeping my legs open “and my weight under control. Is this picture beautiful?” When I look at it carefully, it’s true that except for her big belly, her limbs are very slim. The key is that her clothes are comparable to those of bikini, which makes her big belly and long legs “eye-catching”. I replied: “you should wear a short skirt and be careful to be beaten by your mother.” After a while, I saw her mother reply: “delete it now!” With a few angry faces. < / P > < p > cousin doesn’t want to delete it, because she can show off her figure, and she thinks it’s normal to take pictures of pregnant women. Cousin does not understand, even if the mother is an old feudal, why other netizens also agree, let her “pay attention to scale”? < / P > < p > all say that “a thousand readers have a thousand Hamlets”, and the same is true for pregnant women. Just like my cousin, she only shows her mother’s love and shows off her figure. She doesn’t think that she wears too little. It’s easy for people to associate with “Xing”, so she doesn’t pay attention to privacy. Bikini like looks are also coming out. As a result, her mother asked her to “quickly delete”, and other netizens also echoed, reminding her to “pay attention to scale”. < / P > < p > that is to say, pregnant women’s photos are only taken from their mother’s nature, but others may only see “Xing”. Therefore, pregnant mothers should be careful to take photos during pregnancy. They don’t want to spread maternal love. They dare to send out any photos. It’s better to let their family and friends check before sending them, especially their husbands, girlfriends, mothers and mothers-in-law. It’s better to see them first and then send them when they are qualified. It’s mainly a silly three-year pregnancy. Pregnant mothers don’t pay attention to many things. It’s better to have someone around to remind them. < / P > < p > besides, the original intention of pregnant women to take pictures of pregnant women is actually to leave a memorial for themselves and their baby, so there is no need to make everything public. Therefore, we should pay attention to the protection of privacy. When choosing clothes, just show your waist and stomach, and pay attention to the scale. After taking it home, it can be put in a more conspicuous place for people to see. Of course, if the pregnant mother only wants to enjoy herself and her husband, she can dress and shoot at will. < / P > < p > since it’s taking a picture of a pregnant woman, it shows that the pregnant mother’s stomach is big enough to get the effect. This also shows that pregnant mother month old, stand with a stomach for a long time will be very tired. Therefore, we should pay attention not to take too long to avoid fatigue. You don’t have to choose too many clothes. If you can’t finish shooting one more time, you can make an appointment next time. Your health and baby safety are the most important. < / P > < p > if it’s summer, it’s OK to take photos of pregnant women, dress cool and change clothes frequently. However, when taking photos in this season, even if there is heating in the room, you should keep warm and not freeze. After all, it’s not convenient for pregnant women to take medicine. < / P > < p > pregnant mother has a big stomach, so it’s not suitable to do a large range of movements. Just show your stomach and stand and sit. Do not squeeze, touch the baby, pay attention to safety issues. Focus