Pregnant mothers have a black line, which is used to determine the sex of the fetus. It’s useless. The main function is here

Many old people have a saying: black line is straight or crooked, you can judge whether the belly is a boy or a girl. Because there is no scientific basis, there are often a lot of embarrassing things. < p > < p > Jiayun is 7.5 months pregnant. She took maternity leave at home very early because of her strong reaction to pregnancy and vomiting before. In the third trimester of pregnancy, her husband often went on business and worried about Jiayun’s insecurity at home, so he asked her mother-in-law to take care of Jiayun. < / P > < p > just as her mother-in-law passed by, she saw a black line on Jiayun’s stomach, a straight one. Immediately said to Jiayun, “you must be a boy in your stomach. The black line on your stomach is so straight.”. < p > < p > Jiayun always wanted to have a girl and didn’t like boys. Since her pregnancy, many people have been speculating and even betting on the sex of the child in Jiayun’s belly, which makes Jiayun exclude this situation. So after listening to her mother-in-law, Jiayun is a little unhappy. In the end, Jiayun gave birth to a girl, which satisfied Jiayun’s wish. It also proves that it is not reliable to judge the baby’s gender with black lines. < / P > < p > this black line is called the midline in medicine. It is normal for every adult, but it is not paid attention to before pregnancy. After pregnancy, the hormone changes make this line more obvious. < / P > < p > the basis of determining fetal sex is chromosome, which has nothing to do with other aspects. The old people say that if this line is straight, it is a boy; if it turns or is crooked, it is a girl. However, it is not reliable to use this line to judge whether it is a boy or a girl, because it is a boy or a girl, the probability is half. Some people use this method to judge the gender is correct, but it is just a coincidence. The change of hormone is the root of melanin precipitation. Pregnant women after their own hormones will be improved, especially if the pregnant mother is a hormone secretion exuberant, the black line will be more likely to appear. < / P > < p > there are always some people around us, their hair is dark and thick, because she has more melanin stored in her body, which can provide adequate nutrition for hair. < / P > < p > if the pregnant mother’s skin is relatively dark before pregnancy, it indicates that the melanin in the body is relatively rich. The sensitivity to hormone changes will also make melanin precipitation, so the black line of pregnant women with yellow skin is more obvious than that of pregnant women with white skin. < / P > < p > this line is also called pregnancy line, midline abdomen. Starting from the abdomen, through the navel. Normal adults have this line, but some people are more obvious, others are not. After pregnancy, the color becomes heavier because of hormonal changes. < / P > < p > on the one hand, the function of midline is to provide anatomical basis, and it can be used as a reference for laparotomy or cesarean section. Because this line is right in the middle of the body, the muscles and fascia are hidden behind. < / P > < p > in addition, this line can also be used to judge the constitution of pregnant women, because the thickness and straightness of the line vary with the age, color and hormone levels of pregnant mothers. < / P > < p > with the increase of gestational weeks, the fetus and uterus grow up together. Mom’s belly will also be stretched out, like a big ball. As the size of the belly grows larger, the black line will become longer and wider, and it will look more conspicuous. Many people do not care about this line before pregnancy, but after pregnancy, the hormone level changes, melanin precipitation will cause this line to become black and thick, appear color spots, dark face, etc. < / P > < p > generally, from 2-4 weeks of pregnancy, the black line will begin to change, until about one year after the baby is born. If pregnant in the future, the second child will appear again because of hormone changes. < / P > < p > this black line is reflected differently in everyone. Some people will be obvious, others may not be as obvious as before pregnancy. These will not affect the health of the fetus, so pregnant mothers can rest assured. Focus