Pregnant period, eat goose egg more can go to fetal poison? Although there is no scientific basis, these benefits cannot be ignored

Because there is a saying in China that eating goose eggs during pregnancy can remove fetal poison, reduce the risk of disease after the birth of newborns, and effectively improve the physical condition of newborns. I believe that many mothers to be or mothers must have eaten goose eggs more or less for the sake of their children’s health, but does this statement really hold water? What is the scientific basis for this statement? < p > < p > the whole family was overjoyed, but the things that followed made Xiao Li very upset, because her mother-in-law began to buy goose eggs every day, and changed her way to eat them, so that she had to eat 2-3 goose eggs a day. < p > < p > Xiao Li doesn’t like eggs, goose eggs and so on, let alone eat so much in a day. She always feels that it is not a healthy practice to eat so many goose eggs every day. < / P > < p > if we want to know whether goose eggs can really eliminate fetal poison, we should start from the root. We can often hear the term fetal poisoning, but what exactly is fetal poisoning? Do female friends know that? < / P > < p > according to the classical records of Chinese injuries, “the occurrence of fetal poisoning, such as Liudan, eczema, tuberculosis, goose mouth, aphthous sore, fetal yellow and so on, is also true.”. < / P > < p > the formation of fetal poison will be “blamed” on the mothers to be. Before or during the formation of the fetus, the mother to be does not avoid eating. She likes to eat some spicy stimulation or overheat and excessive cold, and “sexual intercourse” is not controlled, or during pregnancy, she eats things that hurt her fetus during the process of injection and medication. < / P > < p > then the toxins contained in these things will adhere to the placenta and form fetal toxin. The fetus is parasitic on the mother’s mother, and both are prosperous and damaged. Therefore, mothers to be must pay attention to the disease from the mouth, and do not let their children’s health be affected because of their own quick development. < / P > < p > can goose eggs really help pregnant women get rid of fetal toxin? Looking up some ancient or existing medical allusions, there is no saying that goose eggs can help pregnant women get rid of fetal poison in the body. But on the contrary, in the online Q & A, a lot of doctors in a hospital can see more affirmative statements in their answers to some questions online. < / P > < p > and jaundice, which is a very common phenomenon in the neonatal population, but not all jaundice is pathological. < p > < p > physiological jaundice is more common. It usually disappears about half a month after the birth of a newborn, so it will not have any great impact on the body. However, due to the rich protein, amino acids and other substances in goose eggs, it is not harmful to pregnant women’s health to eat goose eggs in an appropriate amount. In particular, egg protein and yolk contain the most phosphorus protein, and protein contains the most amino acids needed by the human body, which is easy to be absorbed by the human body. Therefore, eating goose eggs is very good for human health. Phosphatidylcholine is an essential substance for the development of human brain and nerve tissue, especially for the fetus, which is absolutely indispensable. As we all know, pregnant women are most afraid of cold during pregnancy. First, it has a greater impact on the fetus; second, it has a greater impact on its own system, and it is easy to fall ill. The goose egg is warm in nature and has a good effect of Tonifying Qi. There are many benefits for pregnant women and fetuses to eat goose eggs, but eating goose eggs is also very particular. For some mothers to be who are obese themselves, don’t eat yolk when eating goose eggs, because yolk will aggravate obesity. < / P > < p > and expectant mothers with high cholesterol can’t eat egg yolk. The cholesterol content in egg yolk is also very high, which is not good for the body, but also can harm itself. But goose egg protein is edible, also good for the body and the fetus. Moreover, mothers to be eat goose eggs every day to the right amount, can’t eat too much, because the human body needs a day of protein and other substances are in quantity, too bad to understand the truth. < / P > < p > people can not only get protein from duck eggs every day, but also some other meat food. If the duck eggs eat too much, eat some other protein containing things, will cause excessive intake of protein, will form some other diseases, so we must eat quantitative. < / P > < p > and because goose eggs contain a lot of alkaline substances, eating too much will damage the internal organs of the human body. Not to eat with eggs, is also harmful to the body. < p > < p > pregnancy is the golden period for the growth and development of the fetus. Mothers to be must keep their mouths under control and can not eat casually, especially the food that will damage the fetus. Focus