Pregnant standing line lying pay attention to, “ge you lie” no matter how comfortable, easy to hurt the fetus

For pregnant women, the most difficult period since pregnancy is probably the third trimester. In this period, because the fetus has grown larger, the pregnant woman’s body is very inconvenient, especially into the waiting period, no matter what kind of posture, pregnant women feel very uncomfortable, and even seriously affect the quality of her sleep. Some pregnant women often take incorrect posture in order to be comfortable, but they do not know that these positions hurt the fetus and themselves. < p > < p > after Xiaomei was pregnant, she often had somnolence due to pregnancy reaction. In order to make her body comfortable, she likes to recline on the sofa, similar to “ge you lying” on the Internet. < / P > < p > initially, this position made her feel very comfortable, but after a period of time, her back pain was more painful than before. At the same time, she read the book that this posture is not good for ordinary people’s health, and even more harmful to pregnant women. Therefore, in the birth examination, she specially consulted the doctor. < p > < p > the doctor said that the comfort brought by “ge you lie down” is temporary, and a long time may affect the health of pregnant women and fetus. Therefore, pregnant women should not try to sit in the wrong position for comfort. Don’t look at the small sitting posture, it may cause big problems. < / P > < p > < p > the posture of “ge you lying” is different from the normal physiological bending of human body. It makes the spine of human body in a rigid state and bears great pressure. At the same time, it also makes the muscles of shoulder and neck tense, which is prone to the phenomenon of cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebrae protrusion. < / P > < p > for pregnant women, due to fetal compression, the internal organs of pregnant women will have direct contact with the lumbar spine, and the waist itself has been under heavy pressure. If we use “ge you lie” again, it will increase the burden, because the whole body pressure is concentrated on the waist, which will cause great damage to the spine. Therefore, pregnant women must avoid using this position. < / P > < p > because the strength of “ge you lying” is concentrated on the waist, it will squeeze the fetus. Once it is compressed to the blood vessels that provide blood for the fetus, it is easy to make the fetus suffer from hypoxia. At the same time, this posture also makes the fetus feel unable to adapt, may occur violent fetal movement. < / P > < p > when the pregnant woman is near delivery in the third trimester, the fetus will enter the basin first. This posture will affect the time of the fetus into the basin, making it difficult for the fetus to enter the basin smoothly. Once such a situation occurs, it will affect the natural delivery of pregnant women and may be changed to cesarean section because of the necessity. < / P > < p > many studies have proved that the lumbar spine and spine of people who often “cross legged” will have a certain deviation, and the pelvis and joints are prone to strain. As a result of taking such a sitting posture, the buttocks can not be evenly stressed. In order to adapt to the state of different heights, over the long term, the spine will be deformed, and even irreversible injury will occur. And when the leg is tilted, one leg will compress the nerves and blood vessels of the other leg, which will easily lead to numbness of the lower limbs, which will make the lower limb edema of pregnant women more “worse”. < / P > < p > when standing, pregnant women should pay attention to their back and waist and head. This does not put a lot of pressure on the spine, but be careful not to stand for a long time. As the body has been loaded, once standing for a long time, it is easy to make the lower limbs more edema. < / P > < p > when a pregnant woman sits down, her feet should be the same width as her shoulders, and her waist and back should be straight so that she can feel more comfortable. But do not sit too long, sitting too long will affect the development of the fetus in the abdomen. < / P > < p > it is suggested that pregnant women should choose left lying as far as possible, which can slow down the situation of right rotation during pregnancy. Other postures may be compressed to the nutrition pipe connecting the mother, which may lead to fetal hypoxia. < p > < p > for pregnant women after pregnancy, it is better to keep proper exercise every day, which is very beneficial to the later stage of production. In the exercise, it is better to choose a more relaxed way such as walking, walking slowly, and more contact with nature, which is conducive to relaxing the body and keeping the mood happy. In fact, pregnant women in the third trimester, unlike ordinary people, should pay special attention to sitting, standing and sleeping. In order to facilitate or save the trouble to sit and lie at random, which is not conducive to the health of pregnant women and fetuses. Therefore, in order to their own and fetal health, pregnant women should pay attention to maintain the correct posture when walking, which is also conducive to the fetal delivery as soon as possible. 08/16/2020