Pregnant woman 6 months pregnant was sent to the doctor for rescue, husband found out the “culprit”, doctor: family members are too ignorant

Every female friend hopes to get married early. After marriage, she hopes to get pregnant early. After pregnancy, the pregnant woman begins to worry about her fetus in her stomach. She should be careful every day. For anything in her life, the pregnant woman will be careful, for fear that it will affect the health of herself and the fetus. Ms. Qin is 32 years old this year. Since the opening of the two child policy, Ms. Qin has been looking for a child. Her family has also encouraged the couple to have another child. Finally, with the efforts of the two people, Ms. Qin has successfully conceived a second child. Because Ms. Qin has the experience of the first child, she is full of confidence in having a second child. Ms. Qin has been pregnant for more than six months unconsciously, and it will be delivery time in a few months. The whole family are happy to wait for the arrival of the baby. However, there is something unexpected, and something that shouldn’t have happened last night. After dinner last night, Ms. Qin suddenly had severe abdominal pain, so the family took Ms. Qin as an example When they were sent to the hospital for rescue, the family waited for more than three hours at the door of the operating room. However, the doctor told him that because of the emergency situation, the fetus and the mother could only protect one. However, the husband decided to protect his wife. Although the mother saved her life, the baby who was about to be born could not come to the world. The whole family was very sad. < p > < p > afterwards, the doctor inquired about the eating habits of pregnant women, and Ms. Qin’s husband recalled the daily life of Ms. Qin. She said: usually, pregnant women live a regular life, and their diet and work and rest are arranged according to reasonable arrangements. When Mrs. Qin’s husband investigated one by one, he finally seemed to think of the “culprit”: his wife liked to eat overnight dishes. < / P > < p > in fact, both husband and wife know the harm of overnight food, but they think it’s a pity to throw it over. Therefore, they have a fluke mentality and always feel that there should be no problem eating one meal and two meals. Who knows the harm is so great, the doctor denounces their ignorance and tells them the harm of overnight food. < / P > < p > for normal people, overnight food is not allowed to eat, let alone pregnant women, because once the food overnight will produce nitrite, now the conditions of every family are better, every household has a refrigerator, many people feel that they can’t eat enough food can be put into the refrigerator, and the next day they can continue to eat hot, so it is not waste and money. In fact, many parents do not know that low temperature can reduce the production of nitrite, but as time goes on, nitrite will gradually increase. In addition, we all know that nitrite is a kind of toxin, which can be poisoned after eating a small amount. In addition, pregnant women belong to special groups during pregnancy, their body and various functions are relatively weak, and they are very particular about food Therefore, the reaction to food poisoning is very obvious. < p > < p > nowadays, young people like to eat seafood. Of course, after pregnancy, they can eat a little bit of seafood. However, pregnant women should remember that seafood must not be eaten overnight. Starving seafood overnight will produce toxins, which is harmful to pregnant women and fetuses. Therefore, pregnant women should buy less seafood and make sure that they eat it on the same day. As the name suggests, loose heart eggs are not cooked eggs. Young people are more popular to eat soft boiled eggs. They think that half cooked eggs are the most nutritious. However, although soft eggs are nutritious, there are still many bacteria. For such a special group of pregnant women, such eggs are very dangerous to pregnant women and fetuses, and even cause pregnant women to slide Risk of miscarriage. < / P > < p > after pregnancy, many pregnant women are reluctant to exercise because of their swollen body and enlarged abdomen. Many pregnant women don’t know that proper exercise is of great help to the health of pregnant women and fetus, and also conducive to the smooth delivery of pregnant women in the later stage. < / P > < p > the prenatal examination of pregnant women is the health protection of pregnant women and fetus, which can effectively detect the health status of the fetus. However, in the minds of many older generation, they think that the prenatal examination is not very useful, and it also wastes money, which is wrong. < / P > < p > today’s young people like to stay up late at night, chasing drama, etc., but they still can’t change this bad problem after pregnancy. Pregnant women should know that their metabolism has been very slow after pregnancy. If pregnant women stay up late after pregnancy, it is easy to cause endocrine disorders, which will cause great harm to their own and fetal health. Xiaodou’s father’s message: pregnant mothers should pay attention to their own diet rules during pregnancy, so as not to cause great harm to the fetus. I wish all pregnant mothers have healthy babies. < p > < p > today’s interactive topic: Dear Baoma, did you eat overnight food during your pregnancy? Or do you know what dishes you can’t eat after pregnancy? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area ~ < / P > < p > I’m Xiaodou dad. 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