“Pregnant woman” disappeared for more than 50 days, has been found! The results of the hospital tests were surprising

In response to the incident that a pregnant woman in Chongqing has been missing for more than 50 days since leaving home in September, the reporter learned from Furong police station of Wulong District Public Security Bureau at about 17:00 on August 12 that Ms Xiao, the pregnant woman mentioned above, had been found and the party was safe.

However, according to hualong.com-new Chongqing client, when the police found Xiao in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province yesterday, according to Xiao’s own account and investigation and visit to factory workers, they confirmed that he was not pregnant at the time of his disappearance. At the same time, according to Zhejiang local hospital examination results, Xiao did not have recent cesarean section or natural childbirth traces.

previously, Ms. Xiao’s family announced that the pregnant woman, Ms. Xiao, left home in the early morning of June 17, then took a taxi to the Jiangkou turntable and stayed in Jiangkou farmers’ market and disappeared. Xiao’s husband, Mr. Chen, said in an interview that “Xiao is pregnant for 9 months, but has not been in the hospital for prenatal examination.”. Her little daughter later told her father, “my mother is going to the hospital to walk around and come out.”

Ms. Chen, Xiao’s sister-in-law, told reporters that at noon yesterday, her family members had learned from the police that Xiao had been found and had made a reservation to meet Xiao in Zhejiang.

Ms. Chen said: “Xiao personally doesn’t want to go back to Chongqing or even let her family know where she is. But the police took the trouble to find her out of the country and let us know that people are safe. Thank them very much Focus