Pregnant women appear in these three situations, is likely to be “fetal instability” performance, must pay attention to

From pregnancy to giving birth to a baby, it can be said that the role transformation from a woman to a mother has been completed, which is very difficult. When pregnant, if you do not pay attention to some small details, it is easy to lead to “fetal instability.”. < p > < p > after two years of marriage, Xiao Liu was pregnant with her first child. Because she didn’t have much savings, she continued to work after her pregnancy. Once at work, Xiao Liu suddenly felt abdominal pain. At first, she didn’t care, but after a period of rest, the abdominal pain showed no signs of abatement, so she asked her husband to take her to the hospital. After the examination, the doctor told her that it was moving fetal gas, but fortunately it came in time, otherwise the child might not be able to keep it. After listening to the doctor, Xiao Liu was afraid of his carelessness. < / P > < p > the condition of the fetus in the early pregnancy is not very stable. If the pregnant woman is too tired or eats the wrong food, it may lead to abdominal colic. At this time, the fetus affected by the mother will produce a series of adverse reactions, serious cases will lead to abortion. Therefore, pregnant women with abdominal colic should not be improper, and should be accompanied by family members in time to do the examination. < / P > < p > If a pregnant woman has bleeding during pregnancy, it is mostly due to the movement of fetal gas. Don’t choose to deal with it by yourself because of the embarrassment of the bleeding site. Be sure to tell your family and see a doctor in time. Bleeding in the third trimester of pregnancy is a sign of early delivery. It is better for pregnant mothers to choose hospitalization for observation. If you miss the best time to see a doctor because you don’t care or feel embarrassed, the damage to yourself and the fetus will be irreparable. < p > < p > it’s normal to have mood swings during pregnancy, but if you’ve been pregnant for several months and your mood is still unstable, it’s likely that the activity of the fetus affects the mood of the pregnant mother. Pregnancy mood has been unable to calm words, suggest to the hospital to do a comprehensive examination, to prevent fetal accidents. Today’s young people stay up late almost every day. Scientific research shows that the best time to sleep is 10 o’clock every day, because the body’s metabolism is the most efficient. However, it is good for young people to sleep before 12:00 p.m., and most of them haven’t slept at two or three o’clock in the morning. But pregnant women and young people can not compare, long stay up late will not only lead to mental fatigue, but also easy to cause fetal instability, early pregnancy abortion probability is large. Therefore, if you are a mother to be, for the health of the baby, to sleep on time, to ensure adequate sleep time. < / P > < p > during pregnancy, pregnant women are one and two lives, so you should consider whether it will affect the baby when you do anything. Do not take medicine carelessly if you are not feeling well. You must follow the doctor’s advice carefully to avoid the harm caused by the medicine to the baby. Also can’t bear it, to see a doctor in time, otherwise strong discomfort will affect the baby’s growth and development, leading to abnormal fetal movement. < p > < p > in October, it is not easy for women every month. Family members should be more tolerant, care and encourage them, so that pregnant mothers can feel that they are not fighting alone. Hope that pregnant mothers know more about pregnancy knowledge, timely insight into the situation of the baby, not because of their own small mistakes or bad habits affect the health of the fetus. Focus