Pregnant women are the two blood groups, to cherish the first birth, is very important to themselves and the fetus

For women, pregnancy is a very important thing, especially for the first pregnancy, which means that the role of women has been promoted from women to mothers to be.

of course, the reason why the first pregnancy is important is not only because of this, but also because the first birth has a great impact on both women and fetus.

among them, pregnant women with special blood types are the most affected. If they fail to protect their first baby, they will cause greater harm to themselves and their fetus, and even some of the harm is irreversible.

type O blood of pregnant women with blood type O is relatively special compared with type A and type B. the reason why this blood type is important is that it has certain risk.

I believe that many pregnant mothers have heard of “hemolytic disease of the newborn”. The main manifestation is that the pregnant mother has blood type O, while the father to be is blood type A, blood type B and type ab.

after the combination of the two, because the pregnant mothers are of type O blood and lack of a / B / AB antibody, the red blood cells of the fetus with a / B / AB blood group will enter the pregnant mother’s body, and then the pregnant mothers will produce the corresponding antibodies, which will cause the destruction of the fetal baby’s red blood cells and lead to hemolysis.

although it is said that the probability of this kind of situation is relatively low, pregnant mothers still need to pay attention to it. At least, it may lead to hemolytic disease of newborn after birth. Doctors will decide whether to use medical intervention treatment according to the specific situation of the child. Serious may lead to abortion, and at the same time damage the maternal immune system.

the Rh blood group of pregnant women is more special than the O blood group, so it is often called “panda blood”, and is also divided into negative and positive blood.

if this is the case with pregnant mothers themselves, special attention should be paid because it is very easy for the blood type of pregnant women to be inconsistent with that of the fetus, which may lead to abortion or hemolysis.

similarly, the probability of miscarriage or hemolysis is relatively low for the first pregnant mother. However, with the increase of the number of pregnancies, the risk rate will also increase. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers cherish the first birth.

in addition, it is also necessary to remind pregnant mothers that if you belong to this blood type, you must contact the blood bank or the special association of this blood type in advance to register and communicate in advance, so as to avoid the lack of matching blood type due to unexpected accidents.

and if an accident, massive hemorrhage or other conditions are found in the first birth, the subsequent pregnancy will be more difficult. Even if pregnant, the risk will also double. Therefore, for various reasons, it is necessary to protect the first child.

for these two blood types, if there is no plan for breeding, we must take protective measures. If you are pregnant, you must think carefully.

the uterine environment when the first child decides to have another pregnancy. If the pregnant mother directly aborts the first child, it also means that the uterine environment will be damaged. In fact, it is the same nature as the abortion. It is nothing but taking the child away and stimulating the body.

as we all know, abortion does great harm to women’s body, especially the reproductive system. In addition, the uterus is the “second life body” of women. Once the uterine environment is damaged, it will be more difficult to get pregnant again, and the instability will also increase. The probability of miscarriage will be greater. Even some women will have habitual abortion because of this It’s not worth the loss!

the first birth determines a woman’s physical quality. For the first fetus, most of her body functions will go all out to open the “cooperation mode” only to ensure the healthy birth of the fetus and baby. However, if the first fetus is removed or accidentally lost by pregnant mothers, the impact on the physical function is great.

many women lose their first birth rashly, which results in their physical quality being reduced, especially their immune system. Some sequelae will be left behind, not to mention the risk of pregnancy again. Even their health will be greatly affected. Therefore, it is suggested that pregnant mothers should be cautious about the first birth.

pregnancy is not easy, especially for some women with special blood type. We should pay more attention to prevent some possible risks than other pregnant mothers. For other pregnant mothers, protecting the first birth is also an important task for you, rather than treating them at will. CUISINE&HEALTH