Pregnant women drink alone by the side of the road with wine bottles. They can’t take care of the fetus. Netizen: what’s the amount of alcohol a baby has

Pregnancy, almost every pregnant mother will pay special attention to their behavior, because pregnancy is a special stage, not only the pregnant mother’s body will change, but also the pregnant mother’s behavior will directly affect the healthy growth of the baby. In particular, improper behavior may affect the healthy development of all children, so many pregnant mothers pay great attention to this stage. But not every family treats pregnant mothers with all kinds of care. Some pregnant mothers may have no way to control their emotions and take care of their babies because they are stimulated. < / P > < p > recently, there is a video circulating on the Internet about a pregnant woman drinking alone with a wine bottle on the side of the road because she was in conflict with her family. Many passers-by have come forward to express their sympathy and enlightenment. One of the elder brother’s words is still fresh in people’s memory. “What’s the amount of alcohol you should give birth to when you drink like this?” in fact, the elder brother’s intention is good A humorous way to enlighten. < / P > < p > boy: “is it convenient for you to call me? I’ll call him, you really can’t drink “< / P > < p > we praise this young man manually, he will be a good husband and a good father in the future. In fact, no matter when, we should learn to take good care of ourselves. A moment’s emotion can’t solve the problem. At the same time, if it’s a special stage, it’s likely to bring harm to the people closest to her. For example, if the puerpera drinks too much, it will really affect the healthy growth of the fetus in her abdomen. At the same time, alcohol has a great impact on the brain development of the fetus. When life goes on in the future, what will happen to the child It’s too late to regret. < / P > < p > pregnancy, for pregnant mothers, is really a very difficult period. Although the baby is in the belly, pregnant mothers can feel extremely happy and happy, but affected by the hormone level in the body, pregnant women are prone to emotional problems, especially depression and sadness, irritable temper. As a family member, we must understand more, don’t feel pregnant Mom’s acting. < / P > < p > as a husband, we should comfort the puerpera more and take them to relax, instead of letting them get angry alone. If you don’t know how to coax the puerpera, as long as you want to find a way, I believe there will always be a way. The most sad thing is that you don’t know how to coax the puerpera, so there will be no practical action. This is the easiest thing to make the puerpera more emotional < / P > < p > as a pregnant mother, you must know that no matter when, where and what happens, the fetus is the most important, if you can’t stand it or suffer it In some bad situations, such as anger, don’t vent your anger on yourself. At this time, it’s you and your child who are angry. It’s impossible to solve the problem, so you must be calm and take pregnancy seriously. PARRENT&CHILDREN