Pregnant women drink water to choose the right time period, these four time supplement water, will let amniotic fluid cleaner!

The protection of fetus can not be ignored. As a barrier of fetal protection, amniotic fluid is very safe to wrap the fetus in the whole pregnancy, which can play a great buffer role in the face of external collision. The amniotic fluid environment is very important for fetal survival. We all know that during pregnancy, the fetus will also have excreta, and directly into the amniotic fluid, so long-term, the amniotic fluid environment will not be very good. < p > < p > amniotic fluid is an important fluid nutrient in the uterus of fetus. If the amniotic fluid is too turbid, the fetus will often have the performance of hypoxia, and even have the risk of asphyxia. Under normal condition, amniotic fluid is clear. But if the color of amniotic fluid darkens, it means that the amniotic fluid has been contaminated, which is bound to affect the normal development of the fetus. < p > < p > turbidity of amniotic fluid usually occurs within 1-2 weeks before delivery, which is mainly due to the larger size of the fetus, the gradual weakening of the oxygen supply capacity of the placenta, and the decline of the healthy environment in the uterus, so the probability of amniotic fluid turbidity is greater. < / P > < p > in addition to the muddy amniotic fluid before delivery, the amniotic fluid during the whole pregnancy period is also at risk of being contaminated. Because the fetal excreta is in it, the amniotic fluid will not be so clear and clean, so the amniotic fluid will also be updated and replaced. On weekdays, the renewal of amniotic fluid is mainly carried out through mother drinking water. If the fetus is in turbid amniotic fluid for a long time, the brain will be affected by hypoxia. Therefore, it is very important for pregnant women to drink water during pregnancy. Drinking water can promote the renewal of amniotic fluid, keep the amniotic fluid value in a stable state, so as to prevent fetal hypoxia. But drinking water is also fastidious, especially in the time of drinking water. < / P > < p > when we get up in the morning, we often drink a large glass of water on an empty stomach. This is because drinking water can accelerate the metabolism of various organs of the body, quickly wake up the body and meet the work of the day. In the same way, pregnant women need to drink water to metabolize toxins in the body after a night’s sleep, so as to maintain the normal operation of various functions in the body, and also make the living environment of the fetus cleaner in the new day. < / P > < p > although today’s temperature has turned cool, it is still a little muggy at noon, especially for pregnant women, who are prone to heat, and often need to blow air conditioning to help them cool down at this time. < / P > < p > during pregnancy, pregnant mothers will become irritable and irritable due to the influence of progesterone, and these negative emotions will directly affect the fetus. < / P > < p > therefore, when the pregnant mother is in a bad mood, she can try to drink some water to relax her body and regulate her mood. In this way, her mood can be relieved and the amniotic fluid content can be maintained to avoid fetal hypoxia. < p > < p > the bladder is oppressed, which naturally leads to frequent urination. Therefore, pregnant mothers often run to the toilet frequently during pregnancy. Especially at night, they are always interrupted by urination, which is really a kind of torture. < p > < p > so some pregnant mothers don’t drink water before going to bed in order not to affect their sleep. But in fact, drinking less water before going to bed can meet the fetal water consumption in the evening, otherwise a drop of water is not drunk, which is easy to affect amniotic fluid. < / P > < p > in October of pregnancy, the fetus lives in amniotic fluid every day, and the oxygen absorbed also comes from amniotic fluid. Therefore, the pregnant mother must update the quality of amniotic fluid every day, drink more water, and choose to drink water at an appropriate time. 21 days after delivery, the pregnant woman had a new baby, but the doctor did not find it was “twins”