Pregnant women often trouble people around ten things, is pregnant women too emotional, or must be more serious?

After pregnancy, women not only become the key protection objects of the whole family, but also have different treatment because of their special status in the society and in the contact with the people around them. Objectively, it also caused some “troubles” to others. Take a look at the following “trouble” things, which are very necessary, and which belong to pregnant women too “hypocritical”?

if a woman has a conflict with her neighbors during pregnancy, it is better to negotiate with the neighbors. If they are not in the same door, the pollution of building materials is very small. Construction is not allowed at night, and the noise is not to be worried about. If pregnant women are at home during the day, they need to consider the construction noise and consider changing the living environment.

I remember once, the manager of a company complained to me that there were two pregnant women in their company. One of them always complained about the low temperature of the air conditioner in the company, and she couldn’t stand it. Another pregnant woman thinks that the temperature of the company’s air conditioner is too high and hopes that it will be lower, which makes the rest of the company at a loss. In fact, the fetus is not sensitive to the temperature of the outside world, and the pregnant mother herself does not need to care too much. If the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too large, it is easy to get sick, and treat herself as an ordinary person, which is more conducive to the maintenance of pregnancy.

a notice was suddenly posted at the door of a unit in a building in a community, saying that the residents on the third floor were pregnant. I hope that the dog owners of the unit can understand that they don’t go out and walk their dogs. They should also avoid barking in the house, so as to ensure that pregnant women can raise their babies smoothly.

some pregnant women are worried that they take the subway to work and go through several security checks every day. The radiation at the security gate has an impact on the fetus, so they ask security personnel to exempt them from inspection at home.

we often see such news on the Internet: a pregnant woman’s husband loves his wife so much that he asks other residents of a building to turn off the wireless Wi Fi and worry about radiation to pregnant women. Experiments show that although the wireless frequency from the wireless router is high, the impact on human body is very small due to the low power, which is almost ignored. For pregnant women, do not worry too much about the radiation impact of wireless router. Moreover, if it is not a room, the radiation impact of Wi Fi will be greatly reduced, and the radiation upstairs and downstairs will not affect the fetus.

firmly put an end to second-hand smoke. If pregnant women find that the surrounding people smoke, they should immediately advise them to stop smoking. This is not hypocritical. Tobacco is harmful to the development of the fetus. Harmful substances in tobacco will be absorbed by the pregnant mother, and the fetus will obtain these substances from the mother. When the fetus is exposed to a large number of radioactive substances in tobacco during development, malformations are likely to occur. Pregnant mothers should stay away from second-hand smoke during pregnancy and firmly say no to smokers.

many pregnant women raise their babies at home after pregnancy. My best friend sent out an invitation to go shopping. Chat, eat together, and buy some baby’s things at the same time. What needs to be noted is that do not go to places with large flow of people, avoid the peak on Saturdays and Sundays, so as to avoid improper collision and accidents.

some pregnant women inform their boss that they don’t want to touch the computer in the office since they are pregnant. The boss is sorry to refuse. In fact, no research has shown that home computers can affect the development of the fetus. Personal and household electronic products as long as the daily control of the use of distance and time, will not bring harm to pregnant women.

now, it has become a consensus in the society that pregnant women will give up their seats when taking the bus. However, some people do not understand the priority of queuing. They think that queuing should be based on the principle of first come first, and there is no need to be humble to pregnant women. In fact, pregnant women, especially those in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, are burdened with heavy physical burden. If they have to deal with the affairs, they are likely to have problems. They can ask the people around them to take care of them.

pregnant women in October pregnancy, it is inevitable that there will be some big parties such as weddings and annual meetings. Can pregnant women attend these lively parties? If it is unnecessary to participate, it may not participate, especially in the early or late pregnancy. If you have to attend an unavoidable party, you must be accompanied by someone. Don’t wait too long. It’s best to go late and leave early. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE