Pregnant women playing with mobile phones will not lead to fetal deformity, but the real “injury” behavior is these! Attention should be paid to it

After her girlfriend Xuanxuan got pregnant, she had to ask for leave to stay at home. However, because there was nothing to do at home all day, Xuanxuan had to lie in bed and brush her mobile phone all day long. The farthest way she walked was from her room to the living room, and she basically never left home again. However, her mother-in-law was always very unhappy when she saw Xuanxuan playing with her mobile phone. She thought that playing with the mobile phone had radiation and would definitely hurt her baby. What’s more, Xuanxuan is 32 years old, and she is not young and pregnant. The doctor also said that she should always pay attention to prevent abortion, so her mother-in-law is very anxious. < p > < p > when mother-in-law saw Xuanxuan playing with her mobile phone, she always said a lot of truth, which made Xuanxuan very depressed. You know, she knows that it’s not good to play with mobile phones all the time, but it’s boring if you don’t play mobile phones. How can you live this long pregnancy life! < p > < p > just a few days ago, Xuanxuan suddenly felt a pain in her stomach. After she was sent to the hospital, her mother-in-law denounced her daughter-in-law’s ignorance in front of the doctor, saying that it was because she had played with her mobile phone too much and was affected by radiation. In this regard, the doctor explained that cell phone radiation has little impact on the fetus. After all, the electromagnetic radiation of mobile phone is far less than 20 volts, which is completely within the safe range. < / P > < p > in addition, not only mobile phones, hair dryers, televisions or computers, but also the radiation produced by these appliances has no great impact on the fetus, and there is no possibility of fetal malformation, so it can be used normally. However, the reason why Xuanxuan had abdominal pain this time was that she was too excited to play with her mobile phone, which led to the contraction of uterine smooth muscle. Fortunately, the situation was not too serious. < / P > < p > women are born with beauty. Even if they are pregnant, they can’t let themselves become beautiful. However, it should be noted that there are many skin care products or color cosmetics companies on the market, and the products are labeled “pregnant women can use”, which gives most pregnant women the desire to buy. < / P > < p > in particular, some pregnant women take expensive hair dyes to perm and dye their hair, which is really a big mistake. To know, no matter what products have chemical components, which is more irritating to the fetus. < / P > < p > in life, men are more likely to smoke and drink alcohol. Some of them are addicted to smoking, even a pack of cigarettes a day. They don’t know that they are really comfortable smoking, but it is a great harm to pregnant women.

, you know, the harm of smog is not only caused by smoking. The second-hand smoke or three hand smoke is especially harmful to pregnant women. A little carelessness may cause abortion. Therefore, it is better for men to give up smoking and alcohol. < / P > < p > women’s body will inevitably bring a lot of changes after pregnancy, which also affects their rest quality to a certain extent. In addition, they may sleep for a long time during the day and can’t sleep at night. Therefore, playing mobile phone plays has become their happiest entertainment time. < / P > < p > but after pregnancy, we should pay attention to rest not only for pregnant women, but also for fetuses in their stomachs, otherwise their development will be threatened. < / P > < p > again, frequent staying up late after pregnancy will damage the normal biological clock, thus transmitting this wrong time point to the baby, resulting in abnormal brain sensitivity of the fetus and baby, and ultimately affecting brain development. In addition, staying up late will not only affect the fetus, but also hinder their own health. Therefore, the best prenatal education is to stay up less and sleep more. < / P > < p > because of the effect of pregnancy reaction in early pregnancy, pregnant women may vomit to lose weight in a circle, which makes people worry. Therefore, many mothers-in-law will choose to give their daughter-in-law a big tonic at the end of pregnancy. Basically, there will be all kinds of chicken, duck and fish, but in fact, such a big tonic will only make pregnant women quickly grow fat. Focus