Pregnant women will have four places “stink”, if you are around her, please do not easily dislike

Later, when she went out, she would deliberately put on her mask and try to stay at home when nothing happened. Later, her pregnancy reaction became lighter and she began to brush her teeth carefully.

one of the reasons is that the mother-to-be has a lot of retching when brushing her teeth in the early pregnancy. In order to make herself less uncomfortable, she will reduce the times of brushing her teeth, and her breath is not completely cleaned.

after pregnancy, the enlarged uterus oppresses the intestinal tract and weakens the digestive function. The expectant mother often suffers from constipation and flatulence. During this period, the expectant mother’s excreta will stink, which is both embarrassing and uncomfortable.

it is easy to get tired and sweat during pregnancy, especially in summer. It is inconvenient for expectant mothers to bathe and wash their hair frequently, so that the whole person may stink.

pregnant women have bad temper, sometimes they can’t control it. Changes in body hormone and psychological pressure make them anxious and nervous.

so we can find that they are emotional swings, like crying, losing temper, becoming impatient and so on. If there is no physical change, this “Stinky” temper is hard for expectant mothers and their families to accept.

mothers to be will not brush their teeth all the time, which will make the oral environment worse. It is easy to have cavities or toothache during pregnancy and eat unsanitary food. We can gargle after getting up in the morning and brush our teeth at a more comfortable time.

during pregnancy, you will eat a lot of nutritious food, but pay attention not to eat too greasy or indigestible food or drink, which will relieve the feeling of gastrointestinal discomfort.

mothers to be can take a bath, but try to choose a shower. Take a bath when there is someone at home and pay attention to antiskid. The water temperature should not be too hot when bathing. Each bath time control in 15 minutes, to avoid too long and faint.

when a woman loses her temper during pregnancy, her family learns to treat her with “Buddhism”. Even if we know that she is unreasonable, we don’t have to worry about it. Sometimes the mother to be just needs to vent her emotions. 08/16/2020