Prenatal fetal malformation, Baoma forced to give birth to a child, netizen: how to live in the second half of the child’s life

“At the beginning, I insisted on giving birth to children with problems. In fact, I still wanted to be a mother. Now children have problems taking care of themselves. What happiness is there to speak of?”

the opinions of netizens are relatively unified and to the point. Everyone doesn’t want the deformity of children to happen to themselves, but sometimes it just happens, even long ago, it has hidden dangers.

most of the congenital problems of babies can be found from the perspective of heredity, especially most of the mental deformities belong to family heredity. If one of the three generations of immediate family members has intellectual problems, it means that other members of the family may also carry related genes, but they may be recessive or have a higher risk of disease.

besides intelligence, physical diseases can also be inherited. Therefore, before marriage and pregnancy, it is necessary for husband and wife to know the family history of their families.

children are developed from fertilized eggs. If there are problems with the fertilized eggs, no matter how hard the parents try, the problems will not disappear. When both husband and wife get pregnant, the quality of sperm and eggs will also decline, and the probability of baby deformity will increase.

in addition to the age factor, one of the parents is more addicted to tobacco and alcohol, especially if they inhale too much nicotine during pregnancy and drink too much alcohol, it will also easily affect the development of their children.

there are also some couples who are unintentionally pregnant, so there is no pregnancy preparation at all. If the physical condition itself does not support the birth of new life at that time, it naturally brings risks to the children. Moreover, in this case, the preparation work related to early pregnancy is also easy to ignore, such as forgetting to supplement folic acid, living in the environment with excessive pollution sources, etc.

new life is really valuable, that is, it needs to be treated rationally because of the value of life. In the face of deformed babies, they still insist on going their own way. In the end, they will only let the children and themselves become the victims of their original emotions.

all say that children are the crystallization of love. The birth of children should make the couple more loving and the family more harmonious. However, if they know that the baby is still born with problems, the parents will have to pay for this decision all their lives.

I saw an old woman on Weibo before. Her two sons are 50 or 60 years old, but they can’t even take care of themselves. At the age of 70 or 80, she takes care of her children all day. What worries her most is that she can’t live without them that day.

when parents make the decision to leave a deformed baby, the most they can do is to take the child for rehabilitation and care, but they can’t really take the place of the child to suffer.

throughout their lives, children have to bear the inconvenience, even humiliation, brought about by being unable to take care of themselves. They have to be looked at and discussed differently. Such a life of low dignity may also be a great suffering for children.

there are many cases in which one of the parents, especially the father, choose to divorce and run away. To give birth to a child with problems, we not only have to bear great physical and mental pressure, but also may not even have a home. Even if there is no divorce, the atmosphere and quality of life of the whole family will be affected, and the hope of no improvement day after day is also a kind of despair?

we often talk about respecting life, and real respect should not only let life survive, but also let life survive with quality and leave with dignity. After having the baby, the treasure mothers must be on time for birth inspection, and keep rational in the maternal love. How do you think about the problem of the baby detected during the prenatal examination? After taking X-ray to discover pregnancy, can the child still want it? The doctor told you so