Prevent autumn dryness, don’t drink water foolishly, Sydney, tremella, medlar soup, special moisture

Autumn consumption, can play a perfect role in alleviating the effect of drying. What’s more, jujube is sweet and delicious, and it can also replenish blood and Nourish Qi. Tremella fuciformis can also have < / P > < p > 2. Pour pure water into the pot, and then put Tremella fuciformis into the pot to soak the tremella, so that the stewed soup will taste more soft and waxy. < / P > < p > 5. Put Tremella fuciformis, Sydney, red dates and other ingredients into the electric rice cooker and add water. At this time, we can make porridge by the usual method. < / P > < p > 6. When all the ingredients in the pot are almost cooked and the last ten minutes are left, we take out rock sugar and wolfberry and put them into the pot to stir for a few times, then put the lid on the pot and continue cooking. When we hear the prompt, we can get out of the pot. [P > < p > 7. The tremella, Sydney and red jujube soup is especially delicious after being put out of the pot. It can effectively help us relieve the dryness in this autumn, and can also provide a variety of nutrients for the body. Tremella fuciformis hair can be directly soaked in cold water for about two or three hours to make Tremella translucent. This bubble out of the tremella quantity, and the quality is particularly good. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE