Primary and secondary schools in Urumqi, Xinjiang, began to open on July 7

Through strict prevention and control measures and comprehensive preparation, primary and secondary schools in Urumqi will start school one after another according to the principle of “batch, staggered peak and orderly”.

in Urumqi county and Dabancheng District, the first batch of primary and secondary school students entered the campus orderly after receiving the temperature monitoring, safety disinfection, and health card examination. In the first class, the school prepared a class meeting with the theme of “popularizing knowledge of epidemic prevention and control and strengthening the cultivation of healthy behaviors”. Through playing propaganda films and teachers’ demonstration and explanation, the school standardized the prevention and control measures and health behaviors of students in the school.

all primary and secondary schools have resumed the activities and specialty classes in the school simultaneously. It is required that the physical education courses and outdoor exercise time in the afternoon should not be compressed or cancelled at will.

today, Urumqi also announced the specific opening time of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in other regions of the city: primary and secondary schools in other regions report to school on the 9th and attend classes on the 10th. Other middle school grades report on the 11th and have classes on the 12th. All grades of primary school report on the 14th and have classes on the 15th. At present, the kindergarten has entered the preparatory stage, and will start the restoration work as soon as possible.

according to the basic requirements of normalized epidemic prevention, primary and secondary schools will focus on the implementation of “three times a day” killing measures in canteens, dormitories, laboratories and other key places, and implement the “daily report” system. In combination with the emergency plan, schools in various regions have reserved enough materials for epidemic prevention and control, such as disinfection equipment, masks, gloves, non-contact thermometers, hand sanitizers, and set up temporary observation rooms for abnormal fever. 08/16/2020